China-Singapore Winter Sailing Camp 2018

Changi Sailing Club hosted young sailors from China who gained more than knowledge about sailing on challenging waters.

Changi Sailing Club conducted four days of intense training from 6 to 9 February 2018 for five sailors from the Sch?nst Sailing Club, China. Sch?nst Sailing Club is one of many young sailing clubs located in Jiangsu province, west of Shanghai. The sailors travelled to Singapore to escape the wintery conditions and experience sailing on a different level in warmer climate.

Having only ever sailed in a lake (flat water and no current) these young sailors had the uphill task of conquering the windy North East monsoon and choppy open seas. New friendships were forged through the training with the local club sailors on the third and fourth day. The sailing team returned home with refined sailing skills and new friends. We hope the success of this China-Singapore Winter Training Camp will pave the way for similar collaborations in the near future!

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