Telok Sengat / Sebana Cruise April 2018

After having focused the first three months of the year on racing, we had our first cruising event; bringing us to Telok Sengat and Sebana Cove. The cruise was held over the Easter weekend starting from the 30 March to 1 April 2018.

Due to time constrain and different interest, the cruise was divided into two interest groups. One consisting of Southern Light, Sui Lynn, Defiance and Cicak who went straight to Sebana while SDF and Red Rum went to Telok Sengat; we were joined by Temptress Of Down and Out Of The Blue II who came from Sebana Cove from where they were based.

For the boats that went straight to Sebana the immigration check-in was as per normal; easy. However, things weren?t made easier for those checking in at Tanjong Pengilih. The marina where we used to enter for immigration clearance has now been taken over by the Malaysian Maritime Police. Pleasure crafts are no longer allowed entry to the marina.

It was a little more troublesome but wasn?t the end of the world for us. We had a tender, so the crew on board SDF and Red Rum were ferried to the passenger terminal for clearance. So, if you are planning to check in at Tanjong Pengilih, remember to bring a tender along, anchor off the passenger terminal and bring yourself in. The local agent that you should contact for assistance is Mr Hairul, Udat Marine, at tel: +601786946889.

By late afternoon all the boats heading for Sengat had arrived. After spending the rest of the daylight putting their boats away, we gathered at 6.30pm at a small seafood/coffee shop for our dinner. And as always, the table was crowded with a variety of seafood dishes. By around 9 pm, we had finished with the feasting and we made our way back to our respective boat for a well-deserved rest.

After breakfast on the following morning, the only ones that had the energy to get back to shore was Derek and his family who had decided to take a short hike to a nearby crocodile farm; time well spent so I understood.

By noon we were all on our way to Sebana to catch up the rest for another night of more food and fun. It was pleasant sail back down the Johor River and into Shanti and arriving at Sebana. Sebana is quite an ideal place if you are looking for a location to spend a relaxing weekend with family or friends.

So thanks to all who came for the cruise.

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