Sunday Series II – Race 3

Sunday Series II racing yesterday made it an exciting weekend for some of the boats, with broaches, botched spinnaker hoist/drop and last-minute overtaking maneuvers taking place all over the BC5 Course. With the winds building nicely in the afternoon, the pennant 7 course was an easy decision to make, sending sailors north of Tekong on a long passage around the BC5 Buoy and back.

Invictus returns from a successful RSYC Regatta campaign, finishing 2nd in their class over the 3 days of racing. Alas, it was a repeat result yesterday as they could not capitalize on Jong Dee’s unintended spinnaker washing, settling for 2nd. Jong Dee recovered well from the mistake, scoring another bullet for the Series in the IRC class.

The biggest fleet on Sunday was undoubtly the PY Class, with 7 yachts participating. Another close fight in the top 4, Minx emerged triumphant – beating close rivals New Blue Eyes and Olmeto in 3rd and 2nd respectively. Despite taking line honours in the PY class, Temptress of Down missed out on podium by seconds to New Blue Eyes – ending the day with a hard-fought 4th.

A close encounter between Firefly and one of the trimarans at the start line made things interesting for the Cruising Multihull Class. It was business as usual for Witblits, taking victory over Baloo and Eepai in 2nd and 3rd respectively. Line honours and a good lead over Eepai for Baloo gave them a well-deserved 2nd, this comes after missing out narrowly on podium for the past 2 weekends.

Uli Braun and Bryan Ngu partnered to sail the Nacra 15 to a nail-biting victory in the Beach Catamaran Class. Madfish II fell victims to a massive wind-hole on the last 100 metres to the finish line, allowing the Nacra 15 and Bad Influence to sneak in and finish ahead of them from the leeward side.

Congratulations to all the winners, see you next week for Race 3 of our Twilight Series II!



Cruising Multihull

Beach Catamaran

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NTU Basic Sailing Course 24-26 July 2018

On 1st July 2018, Changi Sailing Club (CSC) and Nanyang Technological University Sailing Club (NTUSC) signed a 2-year MOU – allowing NTUSC sailors to train and run sailing activities at CSC.

First order of business – Basic Sailing Course! On 24-26 July, 12 sailors from NTU participated in an intensive and highly condensed dinghy sailing course. Covering all the fundamentals of dinghy sailing, participants were shown the ropes *haha* – picking up the sport very quickly. We are glad to say that everyone graduated with flying colours, earning themselves the Level 1 Dinghy Proficiency Certification.

Congratulations to all, we do hope you enjoy sailing enough to join the NTUSC and continue sailing with us!


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31st Annual General Meeting 2018

Last Friday, on 20th July, CSC members gathered at Tekong Cove to receive the Annual Report from the Management Committee. Since the renewal of lease was announced last year, the Club was quick to roll out upgrading works and many new initiatives + programmes for Members.


Land lease – The Club has been given a 3 year lease from 1 January 2018 to 31 December 2020. A further 3+3 years is on the cards. As a condition of the lease, part of the boat yard has been returned to the Land Authority.

Club Maintenance – The Club Development Fund was utilized for upgrading/maintenance works to the boatyard slipway, chalets, main club house and various new installments over the past 6 months.

Go Green Campaign – As part of our efforts to be a more eco-friendly and sustainable club, CSC has launched a Go Green Campaign led by James Sharpe (Social Secretary) & Justin Lean. Some of the initiatives include:

  1. Eco-Sailing Day on 9th August 2018
  2. Say NO to single-use plastic straws
  3. Recycle Bins placed at the Jetty
  4. Going Paperless for the Next AGM

Community Outreach Program – Recent sailing and social activities with Yishun Park School – Rainbow Centre and Villa Francis Home for the Aged contribute to a very diverse outreach program, using sailing and the club facilities to give back. This is in addition to Sailability Singapore calling CSC their home, the Sailing arm of Singapore Disability Sports Council (SDSC).

Welcoming the New Committee onboard:

Vice Commodore – Deborah Barker
Rear Commodore (Sailing) – Paul Kendall
Hon. Treasurer – Andy Willett
Social Secretary – James Sharpe

Upcoming Events:

  1. 19th Ambassadors’ Cup 2018 3rd November – Race & Party 26th October – pre-event fundraising cocktail for the Community Outreach Program.
  2. Eco-Sailing Day 9th August
  3. New Years’ Eve Party 31st December 2018

Next Phase of upgrading / maintenance works:

  1. Jetty
  2. Optimist Racks
  3. ?General Painting of the Club


For the full reports, please visit?

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Twilight Series II – Race 2

With a few of our regular yachties racing over at RSYC this weekend, the Twilight Racing yesterday was an intimate affair of 6 Keelboats, 3 Cruising Multihulls and 1 Beach Cat.

Both Jong Dee and Persian Cat gained tremendously from the small numbers, securing a bullet for the series in their respective classes (IRC & Beach Catamaran).

In the PY Class, New Blue Eyes took full advantage of the light and gusty conditions to power ahead of her heavier rivals – securing first place after corrected time. Minx looked a comfortable 2nd, as she eased their way throughout the course – some of her crew even having time for a leisurely photoshoot with the camera / safety boat. Marshmellow completed the podium in 3rd, a consistent performance by Skipper Nicky Marsh and crew to keep them in the running for the overall Series II title.

The Cruising Multihulls were led for most of the course by Baloo – the quickest trimaran in the fleet. However, they fell just a little shy of a podium finish, missing out on 2nd place by less than a minute on handicap. Cicak’s awesome start most definitely helped them to secure a deserving bullet – a minute ahead of 2nd placed Eepai.

Congratulations to all the winners, we look forward to next week’s Sunday Series II – Race 3. Good luck to all CSC boats participating at the RSYC Regatta!



Cruising Multihull

Beach Catamaran

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Sunday Series II – Race 2

With the RSYC Regatta commencing on Saturday next week, we had a smaller fleet of boats participating in yesterday’s Sunday Series II. Despite the small numbers, competition was close – with some exciting action taking place on water.

In the IRC Class, a near-collision scare with Wild Card did little to slow Jong Dee down, clinching a bullet ahead of Invictus. Reaching a speed of over 8 knots – Southern Light thrived in Sunday’s wind conditions, fending off stiff competition from the rest of the PY fleet to finish in 1st place after corrected time. New Blue Eyes continue to sail well to complete the race in 2nd, and Wild Card edged out Olmeto by seconds to claim 3rd.

Baloo’s speed for the race yesterday was phenomenal, finishing a fair distance ahead of the other 2 trimarans competing. Unfortunately, that performance was not enough for Baloo to earn a spot on the podium, also missing out by seconds. It was Witblit’s victory in the Cruising Multihull Class, followed by Eepai in 2nd place. Despite being the only beach catamaran that finished, Uli Braun’s Nacra 15 had loads of exhilarating fun, lapping up the strong winds and taking her to extraordinary speeds.


Congratulations to all the winners and good luck to all CSC sailors participating in next weekend’s RSYC Regatta!



Cruising Multihull

Beach Catamaran

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Cruising to Sibu and Tinggi and onwards to the CSC@Besar Regatta 2018

It was going to be a long week sailing I thought to myself on the Thursday afternoon as we set sail from CSC. At Lima Channel, as the sun began to set , we decided it was time to settle down for the night.? We anchored ?Cicak? our Sprint Corsair trimaran just south of Tanjong Penawar at about 9pm and put up the tent. But at midnight, Mum and Dad thought that it was too rocky so we dropped the tent, pulled up the anchor, set the sails and sailed North through the night onto Jason?s bay. Lauren, Mummy and I did 1 hour watches on helm. We arrived at 5am, reset the anchor and went to sleep.

Cicak at the secret beach in Tinggi

From Jason?s bay, we sailed on up the coast to Pulau Sibu. The wind picked up and the sea got a bit rough with a lot of tall waves. When we arrived at Sibu, we felt relieved as we had bounced about quite a lot. As we landed a storm hit us and we had just enough time to set up our tent. As the rain splashed down on us, Lauren and I took the opportunity to wash ourselves. It was cold, but fun.

The next few days we went snorkeling in Sibu, went ashore for the occasional dinner and had movie nights on Cicak. On Sunday we said goodbye to Lauren and Mummy (they took a resort boat back from Sibu to Tanjong Lehman) as Lauren had to go back to school the following day. Dad and I then sailed on to the Northern side of Pulau Tinggi. We found a small bay with a beautiful white sand beach with no one there. Sadly there was a lot of rubbish above the high tide mark which spoiled the beauty of the place a bit. Dad and I went snorkelling and found an open cave. There was a school of fish inside and when we entered they all swam around frantically as they were scared of us. I was a bit worried as they were going super-fast. Some brushed against my skin and I could feel their smooth slimy skin.


On Monday after breakfast on the boat we sailed on to Pulau Besar to join the CSC fleet for the regatta. It took us around 1 and a half hours to get there. Dad and I alternated roles on the boat. I would helm then he would trim the sails and vice versa. ?After anchoring off the Aseania resort, we met up with the rest of the regatta and had a nice warm shower at our room. Ah, it was so nice to finally have a warm shower after tossing and turning on the waves.

Cicak at anchor off Pulau Sibu with Tinggi in the background

Tuesday was day 1 of the regatta. Jakub Sharpe from ?Southern Light? joined us and helped with all parts of the sail trim, which was a big help as it started with strong winds. It was rather breezy and it felt nice as the water splashed on our faces which was really cooling. It was quite exciting but not as much as the next day. On Wednesday, we were sailing around ? when a storm began to build up behind us. As the storm built, so did the wind. We were speeding in the water and as I was on helm, I tried to make the boat go faster. We would go so fast but I would have to bear away as the sails would flap and the leeward ama would dive into the water. I ke

pt on doing this as we were going faster each time. The wind blew onto my hair, letting it flow behind me. We went as fast as 14.6 knots! That was my personal record and we were zooming past everyone. I could describe the experience in detail but it would never feel as exhilarating as it was there out in the water. I never felt more alive.

When we got back to shore, and the sun was setting, there was an amazing sunset. Picture this, the sun setting into the water. The sky has turned pink orange y

Early morning with the tent on Cicak and Tinggi in the background

ellow all blended together in an amazing shade. It was such a spectacular sight I wish I could restart that day all over again. Once the sun was gone, the moon and stars rose. That was when I met Thea Haugan (sailing with her family on ?Southern Light?) and we immediately clicked and were chatting and laughing for the rest of the evening.


Thursday was a light wind day and it took us forever to sail past Pulau Besar. So Thea (who had joined our crew) and I started to sing songs that we knew to kept our spirits up. It felt like our singing was good because the breeze came back. The wind wasn?t that strong but it was enough to allow us to move while the others were left behind. We moved slowly, leaving our competitors behind. Helming once again, I steered us back to Besar and were one of the few who made it back within the time limit. This race took up a lot of my energy and I felt drained from head to toe. But that did not take my enthusiasm away. Once we reached the jetty, Thea and I decided to go jetty jumping. The first jump is always the worse as it doesn?t seem that high. At the same time, a rainbow formed and it was such a spectacular sight.

Soon it was time for the party so we got dressed and headed over to the bar. We had a massive barbecue with amazing food. It was so good that I had second helpings. I can still remember the smell of the smoke from the area where they were cooking the meat and seafood. After that we went to play a few games with the other kids from the regatta before walking along the beach. It was peaceful as Thea and I walked and talked. There was a soft breeze blowing at our face and the soft sound between our toes. With the sound of small waves crashing and the laughter and chatter of people, it felt like a perfect way to end another adventure.

The next day Dad and I woke up early preparing to set off while I traded numbers with Thea.? We said our goodbyes and left Besar. A part of me will always be in Besar and hopefully we will return again sometime in the future. We reached Singapore the following day after an overnight anchorage at Tanjong Siang and did immigration before meeting up with Mum and Lauren at CSC along with the other boats that had returned that day. Many thanks from all of Team Cicak to CSC and Aseania staff for putting on another brilliant CSC@Besar regatta.

Lauren Hill at the entrance to the secret cave at Pulau Sibu

Sasha at the entrance to the secret cave in Pulau Sibu

Sasha snorkelling

Sunset off Aseania resort at Pulau Besar

Team Cicak at Sea Gypsy bar at Pulau Sibu

Team Cicak leaving Jason’s Bay setting sail for Pulau Sibu

The author (Sasha) on the secret beach at Pulau Tinggi

Twilight Series II – Race 1

Amidst the World Cup Fever, our humble Twilight Race returns for Series II – with a total of 7 Keelboats, 4 Cruising Multihulls and 2 Beach Catamarans. A gentle South-Easterly breeze brought sailors on the first leg to Changi Buoy, Baloo and Madfish II leading the way.

Despite their initial lead, several mistakes on the subsequent legs allowed the chasing Witblits and Cicak to close the gap and eventually surrendering the win to Witblits in the Cruising Multihull Class. Baloo‘s efforts also fell short of 3rd place, as they did not put enough distance between them and Eepai – who rounded off the podium in 3rd.

The Beach Catamaran Class was represented by Stray Catz and Madfish II – 2 skippers absent from the Sailing Club over the past few weeks due to busy work schedules. The latter drew first blood, taking line honours and the bullet to lead in the Twilight Series II.

A full crew and some excellent sailing gave Olmeto a well-deserved bullet in the Keelboat PY Class. Last weekend’s winner in the PY Class, New Blue Eyes settled for 2nd place – even after stopping to check on a fellow boater out on water to see if he needed assistance. Sailing their first Twilight Series race this season, Marshmellow‘s 2-man team did well to keep up with the fleet, earning her a spot on the podium in 3rd.

The IRC division was a closely contested 3-way battle, which could have been closer if not for Jong Dee‘s sheet problems – which resulting in having to cut off the sheets and loss time. First place eventually went to Invictus – holding a comfortable lead over the Archibault 40 – Red Rum.

Congratulations to all the winners, see you next week for the 2nd race of the Sunday Series II!



Cruising Multihulls

Beach Catamarans

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Sunday Series II – Race 1

We kicked off the 2nd season of our Sunday Series racing yesterday in very challenging conditions. There was not enough wind to start the race on time at 2pm – as race organisers delayed the flag-off for about 45mins. The light easterly breeze prompted the hoisting of course flag pennant one, taking yachts on a 3-loop course between Changi Buoy and CSC 1.

Champions from the last Twilight Series, Invictus started their Sunday Series II campaign in the IRC Class on a good note, drawing first blood by clinching the bullet ahead of rivals Red Rum and Shardana. Despite taking line honours, Red Rum lost out by 2 seconds after corrected time to Shardana to settle for 3rd on the podium.

In the PY Class, New Blueyes took 1st position in a fleet of 7 boats by a slim margin of 4 seconds – ahead of close rivals Balqis. Fresh from their successful campaign at CSC@Besar Regatta 2018, Minx returns to complete the podium in 3rd.

The trio of Cruising Multihulls were initially led by Jaza Too on the first leg. A reshufflling of positions due to critical decisions/challenging conditions resulted in a victorious Witblits, and Jaza Too slipping to 3rd. Cicak took middle ground as the 1st runner-up. Beach Catamarans were represented by Philippe Girardot and son on the Hobie 16. Nice to see the father and son duo taking part in their first Sunday Series Race together. Looking forward to more racing from them in the near future!

Congratulations to all the winners – see you next week for the first race of the Twilight Series II.

IRC Results

PY Results

Cruising Multihull Results

Beach Catamaran Results

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