CSC Youth Sailing Squad

On February 23 and 24, four of our CSC sailors went all the way to the west coast of Singapore to race in their 2nd national ranking regatta. Being a totally new sailing ground, it was a good opportunity for our young charges to learn and explore things in a different environment. The Regatta was indeed challenging even for those seasoned racers as they had to deal with a limited sailing area, strong current flow and a big 180-degree wind shift conditions throughout the racing days.

After 2 days of racing, our sailors showed tremendously huge improvements, considering their inexperience. Despite this being their second regatta, I must say they did really well and worked hard to achieve their objectives. Aside from racing, sailors really had a great time and enjoyed themselves, went home with the smile and happy experience. We?ll definitely come back next year with more sailors in.

Overall results:

Faith Ng 17th
Ikuto Mori 46th
Trevor Ng 51st
Edward O?Shea 70th

As their coach, I am delighted and very much motivated to bring these sailors into this level of sailing. It wasn?t easy at the at the beginning, a lot of hard work, patience and understanding different kids with different temperaments & personalities. Their determination and discipline pushed me to give more to groom them and be more confident every time they are out for training. The support of the parents played a huge and important role to where and how are these sailors performing now. I am lucky and thankful that the parents are with me on this journey giving their full support. They truly appreciate the efforts that I put in to bring out their fullest potential, and show them how much they can improve. I am very proud of these sailors and will definitely work harder to achieve our goals.

Quotes from CSC Sailors:

“I was at Raffles Marina for my second regatta. On the first day, I felt nervous and excited for it was not at Changi Sailing Club. I was scared for it had strong wind but I remembered not to worry for I had a life jacket. I thought I will do bad but I stayed on the bright side and thought of all the happy moments I have been through. I learned it is important to stay calm and keep on sailing. Thank you Coach Jhing!”? ?~Trevor Ng

“First, I really appreciate what coach Jhing has done for CSC squad through weekly training.??Raffles marina is facing to Malaysia, current and wind were stronger than CSC but I could sail just like usual lesson. ??I can build my stamina and strength through training.??Coach Jhing has devoted so much time and effort into making me as strong as I am today.??She has taught me sportsmanship, friendship and so on.??I want to have more experience and get stronger.” ~Ikuto Mori

“At the Regatta I learned many techniques on how to reach the mark.? I also learnt to not sail too close to the shore and to keep clear of the crowd, especially when you?re going through the gates.??It was really fun at the Regatta because we had many different types of races that we had to sail.? It was a bit scary waiting for them to fly the race course flag because I was worried I was going to forget which code was for which course.

Otherwise, the Regatta was a good experience because it taught me a lot.? I am getting better at using the current to my advantage and I will make sure I never go over the start line again like I did in my first race.??It was really tiring, but I think our team did really well.
Thanks Coach Jhing for helping me get better at sailing.”? ~ Edward O?Shea