Training Camp at Riau Yacht Club, Nongsa – 15 to 18 March 2019

The sailing camp in Nongsapura, Batam, Indonesia was a successful overseas trip for our young Optimist sailors for the first time. It took us months of planning and coordinating to ensure that everything is going to be alright. Thinking that it?s a debut event for these sailors and for us too, we want it to be fun, enjoyable and learning new things for the campers. Even before the camp date, sailors went through intense training and drills to get them ready to sail and expect the prevailing Northeast monsoon wind at Indonesia. A total of 13 Optimist sailors took part for the camp with accompanying parents.

We left Singapore on March 15, took the afternoon ferry and reached Riau Yacht Club about 5pm Indonesia time, not wasting time immediately rigged up the sail, checked the boat and settle equipment until sunset. First dinner at the hotel, food was good and quickly went to chalets to get a good night rest, prepare for the next day training.

Day 1, Saturday

Sailors were up early, surprised! Didn?t get a hard time to wake them up. At 9am everyone has rigged up the sail, boats are ready to launch! Amazing! A short welcome speech was given by our CSC General Manager, Mr. Edwin Low, talked about the value of friendships amongst sailors and how fortunate they are to be in the camp, indeed they are! Right after the speech, sailors went to out to test the waters. It was intense sailing in the morning with those choppy waves and heavy winds. Exhausted from morning drill, went back for lunch break and out again for the race.

We did a race together with Indonesian sailors, our sailor was overwhelmed how good, quick and experienced these sailors are. But I must say that our sailors did they very best to keep up with them. In fact, I?ve never seen them hiking out so much during the training. Good job sailors! Another tiring day has ended! Dinner time we went to Wandi?s Rock Restaurant to have a good time together enjoying local food and truly it was.

Day 2, Sunday

I should say, the most exhausting and highlight of the camp. We did a Team Racing! Yes, I thought of putting these sailors to the test of their skills. They have been training for at least a year for some and I think it?s a good time to level up their abilities. It?s not easy to do a team racing, it?s a combination of different level of skills and mentally torturing. Team work is the key to winning, everyone should be aiming for one goal, to gain advantage and make sure to penalized the opponent. In total, we did a whopping 28 races in 5 hours? time! These made me really proud as their coach on how strength they have to fight for their team!

Sailors were allocated and formed into 4 teams, combination of Singapore and Indonesia sailors. Leading the flight was the Silver Team, led by Emily Kemp?s team mates Nadia Chan, Trevor Ng, Edward O?Shea and Fikri. Outstanding results. At the end, Silver and Pink Team made it to the Finals! A breath taking tied points with both have 2 winnings, last race?a deciding, while racing sailors already calculating the results, they knew it?s going to be a tied points. The rule is, whoever gets the 1st place, team loses. It was intense, but Jerry of Silver team had no choice but to finish first. Right after he crossed the finish line, you could hear the? Silver team sailors rejoicing and declares as champion! I felt that I was watching the Optimist World?s Championship, everyone was on high spirit and enjoyed that moment of joyful event. Kuddos to all the sailors, you put a great show! Such an accomplishment to me and specially for them.

And, that ends the 2 days intense sailing, the next day, we went to Pulau Putri as a reward for their hard work, enjoying the trip and relaxation.

A very successful sailing camp, everyone was happy, enjoyed the sailing, environment, a short get away from busy Singapore. Made me think that this is not going to be our last sailing trip, definitely not! I would like to end this story to thank firstly, sailors?for obeying their coach, cooperating and listening what is asked to do, their parents?the very and ever supportive mummies and daddies who?s always there to support their kids, the trust that they to their coach is undoubtedly well appreciated. To the people of Riau Yacht Club, Mr David Lee, Commodore, Weng Samsi, Budi and so many to mention. The Management of Changi Sailing Club for supporting this event, staff, Ying Ying for such a great Team Manager and others who has been part of this memorable event. Truly this event is not just about sailing, it brought us to be closer to each other, the values of friendship, meeting new people and appreciation of what you have. Sailors, you are lucky to experience this, value your parents!

Thank you all!

Fleet Racing Race Results

  1. Jerry
  2. Fikri
  3. Natasha Kemp
  4. Emily Kemp
  5. Angyal Chew

Fleet Racing Junior Division

  1. Ikuto Mori
  2. Trevor Ng
  3. Ethan Marc Cornelius

Team Racing

1st place ? Silver Team /Team Leader ? Emily Kemp

Members: Nadia Chan, Fikri and Edward O?Shea

2nd place ? Pink Team /Team Leader ? Jerry

Members: Imran Habbard, Ikuto Mori and Trevor Ng

3rd place ? Purple Team /Team Leader ? Angel Chew

Members: Chery Yong, Simone Ng, Shintya and Muslim

4th place ? Blue Team /Team Leader ? Natasha Kemp

Members: Angyal Chew, Jayden, Riska and Ethan Tan

From: Jaydn Wilkins

The trip to sailing trip Batam was great, and I would like to share some little stories,

The first one is that as we went out to the channel we were sailing through a rough patch of waves, and someone?s sprit decided to fall off, so I was just like ,..arrr? oh well lets go and get it. So, I sailed over, retrieved it and gave it the chase boat.? The nice people from Raiu sailing club then help put the sprit back into the Opti it came from.

Then the next day we went to do some racing, but the winds were a little stronger, and there was one time where my boat started to fill up with water from the bow. I had to spend 5 minutes bailing it out. Thank goodness my super handsome daddy brought me a new bailer

Later that day the winds were even stronger, and I almost capsized three times, but because of the expert training from my coach, I was able to adjust my weight, lean back and I stayed upright.

After that hanging out with my friends from the sailing club was really cool, and I had an amazing time.

I really want to thank Changi Sailing club and Riau Yacht Club for such an amazing trip.

From: Imran

It was a very good experience to meet the Indonesian sailors: they were very skilled and generous. We all got along very well, even if we had to use a bit of sign language at times! What I enjoyed most about the camp was the team racing: it was the first time I had tried it, and I found it very pleasurable. When you do team racing, there is paradoxically a lot more pressure on you, because if you fall behind, then the whole team suffers. So you really try your best ? for the team.

It was extremely nice of David, the Commodore of the local sailing club, to invite us and lend us their equipment.

The wind conditions in Batam were much stronger and fiercer than in Singapore ? the waves and the current were also much more powerful than what we are used to at CSC. This added to the learning experience.

Thank you to coach Jhing for organising this great trip, and to Ying Ying for helping us out!

From: -Simone Ng

?All of us that went on this trip, we are all so fortunate! ??That is why I treasure this experience. I have met new Indonesian sailors. I have also learnt about new sailing stuff?. Such as team sailing, we had to help our team members, not only ourselves. Overall, it was awesome??and I hope that we have more trips like this in the coming future. ?

From: Cheryl Yong

I think that the sailing camp was fun! Especially if you love to sail. We had gone through individual racing and team racing. I think that team racing was the most fun event of all, as you have to win together, not just by yourself.

I think also that if you like to sail, you should join the next sailing camps it exposes you to different weather of different countries.

From: Nadia Chan

During this camp, I experienced what it was like to work together while racing.? Team racing was the highlight of the trip for me.? It was exhausting, but it was worth it.? I liked how Coach Jhing rewarded us with a day off to relax and swim in the ocean.? Overall, I really enjoyed this amazing experience to go overseas for sailing training.

From: Ikuto

It was my first time to be apart from my parents and go foreign country with my elder sister.??I had been a bit nervous but when I saw Reau yacht club, my anxiety was gone.??I enjoyed that rough wind and current with my friends, Indonesian sailors and coach Jhing.??This brilliant experience made me stronger.

I am looking forward to going back to Batam and catching up with Indonesian sailors.

From: Edward O’Shea

?The Nongsa trip was lots of fun! At the end, though, I was very tired. I enjoyed the team racing because we had to work together.

Thank you Coach Jhing and Ying Ying for organizing this trip?

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CSC One-Design Keelboat Championships 2019 Day 2

Some sailors were visibly tired after 4 full-on races for Day 1 – and possibly partying too hard the night before. Nonetheless, races were started on time, with a gentle easterly breeze arriving on time for Race 5.

It was business as usual for the front-runners of each class, as RSYC Dua, SMUMad & Ambindi scored clinical finishes in the remaining 3 races for a clean sweep in their respective classes. They were a cut above the rest, and look poised to be the teams to beat for next year’s edition.

In the J24 Class, Shengli was the best of the rest, scoring three 2nds to play second fiddle to RSYC Dua. Jangan Main Main joined the queue to complete the podium in 3rd. Despite their best efforts, Balqis struggled with lack of pre-regatta training and sufficient crew numbers to contend with the podium winners, settling for 4th. Special commendations for the remaining 2 CSC teams, Just A J & Angel. Against all odds, both boats sailed hard to keep up with the rest of the fleet, and did really well to keep close at some points. Especially challenging for the 2 old blokes on Angel, David & Doug. Well done!

The same could be said for NTU Sailing Club’s Boreas and Notus, as they struggled to keep pace with SMUMad in the Platu Class. It was still a worthy endeavour from both Boreas and Notus as not only were their teams consisting of many first-time racers, this was their first attempt at challenging for the Platu Title in the One-Design Keelboat Championships.

Trailing not far off from Ambindi, it was a occasionally a close competition in the Maxi-77 Class between Fusion and Baby Beluga – with the latter finally unleashing her kite for Day 2. Despite the delayed spinnaker hoists and drops, Baby Beluga still managed to steal 2nd from Fusion in Race 5, but it was too little too late as Fusion secured the win by bouncing back in Race 6 & 7.

Thank you CSC Members, NTU Sailing Club, SMU Sailing Club, NUS Sailing Team and SAFYC Members for taking part in yet another successful CSC One-Design Keelboat Championships! In addition to having more Maxi-77 participation next year, we also look forward to welcoming the return of SMUve, Bapsy and Quarterdeck in 2020!


Maxi 77

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CSC One-Design Keelboat Championships 2019

The latest edition of the annual CSC J24 & Platu Championships sees a significant increase in participation, largely due to the inclusion of Maxi-77 Class for 2019. First designed and bulit in the 70s-80s, the Maxi-77 was a very popular boat in the early days of sailing in Singapore. Now limited to mostly cruising owners, the fleet will have another good reason to take to the waters for a weekend of fun racing.

Day 1 of sailing presented us with beautiful sailing conditions, a south-southeasterly breeze from a brewing storm, sans the rain. Mix in the occasional down draft of landing aeroplanes and differing currents on the race course – you get an interesting challenge for the team tacticians.

Defending Champions RSYC Dua, sailed by the NUS Varsity Sailing Team escaped a pre-regatta scare of a faulty winch, to secure 4 bullets from 4 races in the J24 Class. Their dominance on the downwind leg left competitors struggling to keep pace. Shengli was the best of the rest, skippered by SMU Sailing’s Alumni, Alexi Lim. A 3rd was their only blemish, as they sit comfortably as 1st runner up. 3rd placed Jangan Main Main also hails from SMU Sailing, but they were kept on their toes by Zaheera Hashim’s Balqis in 4th. only sperated by 2 points, these 2 boats will be keeping tabs on each other for the remaining 3 races on Day 2.

In the Platu 25 Class, SMUSC’s SMUMad survived a ripped spinnaker in race 4 and fended off stiff competition from NTUSC’s Boreas and Notus to emerge top of the table with 4 points. Usually accompanied by SMUve, SMUMad had to fly their school flag solo this year due to unresolved maintenance issues on the former. SMUve also happens to be the winner of the 2018 edition – and after Day 1’s performance, it looks like SMUMad is on course to do the same in 2019.

The newly introduced Maxi-77 Class was represented by Ambindi, Fusion & Baby Beluga. Ambindi looked the most polished of the 3, as their teamwork and experience led them to a clean sweep of races 1 to 4. Fusion came really close to pipping Ambindi over the line in Race 2, crossing only a split second after. In race 3, Fusion relinquished a considerable lead due to a poor spinnaker hoist and some confusion on board. All things considered, it was a strong first attempt by challengers Fusion & Baby Beluga – lets hope they continue to keep leaders Ambindi on their toes!

Stay tuned for the final report after Day 2 of racing!

Results Day 1

2019 CSC One-Design Day 1 Platu
2019 CSC One-Design Day 1 J24
2019 CSC One-Design Day 1 Maxi 77

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Vesak Day Nongsa Cruise 2019

We were blessed with a rare long weekend due to Vesak Day celebrations, the perfect opportunity for a short getaway to Nongsa Point Marina & Resort, Batam.

3 was the magic number – as 3 boats, 3 couples and 3 families departed CSC moorings for Batam on Saturday, 18th May. Immigrations & Customs was a smooth affair – thank you Ronny for the efficient and reliable administration/documentation, as always!

The journey south was calm and uneventful, with a welcome shower greeting us as we entered the Eastern Anchorage being the only source of excitement. Southern Light took the shortest route to Nongsa, braving the rain clouds to set a straight course of 170 to the marina entrance, wasting no time getting across the shipping channel to safe haven and an inviting pool. Both Waka Tere and Elessar took their time to enjoy a short beat south with the gentle breeze, arriving 2 hours later to complete the CSC family at NPM.

Evening dinner plans took most of us to Wandi’s, a seafood restaurant just 5-10mins drive from the Marina. They served up a sumptuous spread of seafood paired with ice-cold bintangs, a perfect end to our first day.

Day 2 was free & easy, Kurt and Gill from Waka Tere did some boat maintenance in the Marina, Elessar went for a day cruise, Team Southern Light enjoyed some water games and jet-skiing at Turi Beach and Stefan soaked in the beauty and tranquility of Nongsa Village with his family.

I think the lure of cruising to Nongsa, Batam lies in the accessibility of the location and flexibility of the itinerary. Just a leisurely 3 hour sail from Singapore, it is definitely the go-to location for a short-weekend getaway with full amenities.

Big thank you to Southern Light for having myself and Nicole on board – we had a wonderful time! Not forgetting Prakash and Team, for the impeccable service. With it being an easy entry-level cruise, we look forward to having more members joining us for the next Cruise to Nongsa – we can’t wait!


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Singapore – Langkawi Round Trip Cruise on Eriphine!

The final beer before departure!

5:30am we’ve left CSC. The first taste of sailing by night.

Thanks to Ronny (CSC’s Accounts Executive), outbound immigration clearing was a piece of cake. Five minutes besides our beloved ICA cutter and we had been FREE. All incoming foreign barges, heading for immigration clearing, had been way behind us.

Starting the 1st long leg of 178nm by sailing right besides the traffic separation zone was a good decision. Just a few vessels were crossing our way. Even when crossing Sisters-, Jurong- and Sinki-Fairway, thanks to Nina’s great outlook we were always able to maintain a reasonable distance to those…..Read More

Twilight Series I Race 2

Sailing at this time of the year can be frustrating, and is a great test of patience and resilience. Sailors were once again faced with the challenging task of navigating the course in a roller-coaster of wind conditions, with some eventually surrendering and putting the boat to bed early.

Race 2 of our Twilight Series I sees the addition of a classic boat in the PY Class. 48 footer Winrose is a beautifully maintained ketch intending to sail in the 2020 Sydney-Hobart Race under the CSC Flag. Skippered by Member David Whitfield and berthed at One Degree 15, the yacht will also take part in our upcoming CSC@Besar Passage Race, logging the necessary miles for her SHR entry qualification. The light winds yesterday did her no favours, resulting in her crew adjourning to the bar early for drinks. The PY Class saw a victorious Sangaree take line honours and the Bullet for race 2, holding a very comfortable lead over Bapsy and Brio in 2nd and 3rd respectively.

A false start made it an uphill task for Jong Dee to catch up with Waka Tere and Red Rum – leaving her out of the podium in the IRC Class. Sailing with 2 up gave Waka Tere the advantage in these light airs, securing her 2nd bullet out of 2 races, putting her in driving seat to win the Twilight Series I on 1st June. Red Rum sailed with 3 new crew on board today, who undoubtedly experienced the authentic CSC hospitality at the bar later in the evening.

It was a sweet result for Cicak yesterday, scoring a win ahead of strong contenders Jaza Too, Eeepai and Baloo in the Cruising Multihull Class. We were pleasantly surprised by a visit from an old friend and ex-member, Nicolas Gillier (remember Corsair Singaloc?). Nicolas crewed for Graham Horn on Jaza Too, earning themselves 1st runner-up. Eeepai completed the podium finishers in 3rd.

Doubling their numbers from the last race, we are pleased to see not 1 but 2 Wetas on the Twilight Course! Tim and Antonio of Itchy-Go and The Striped One made it a little match race between the 2, matching each other tack for tack. Glad to see the return of The Striped One, hopefully more will turn up for the final race on the 1st of June.

Vesak Day celebrations commence next week, with 4 boats cruising up to Nongsa Point Marina for the long weekend. We welcome 10 teams from Changi Sailing Club, SAF Yacht Club, NTU Sailing Club, SMU Sailing Club & NUS Varsity Sailing Club over the following weekend for the CSC One-Design Keelboat Championships.

Club racing resumes on 1st & 2nd June, marking the end of both Sunday Series & Twilight Series I. See you then!

Cruising Multihull
PY Keelboat
IRC Keelboat


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