CSC Sailfest Regatta 2020 Day 2

With only 2 races held on Day 1, the race committee was determined to complete the remaining 4 races on Sunday – utilizing every last bit of the north-east winds and surrounding weather systems.

Waka Tere continued to sail well into Day 2, scoring 4 bullets from 4 races to successfully defend their IRC title. A poor spin drop in one of the races was possibly the only major blip in Born in Fire‘s performance, making amends to score three second place finishes to close the gap between them and rivals Red Rum One. Both boats scored equal number of 3rds and 2nds, with the former finishing ahead in race 6 to win the series tie-breaker.

In the PY Class, Remington sailed well and adapted quickly to the varying courses and wind conditions, scoring 2 bullets in race 5 & 6 to seal their win for this Regatta. Except for a poor result in Race 5, Adona notched three podium finishes to complete the series with 14 points to earn a well-deserved first runner-up. Fierce rivals Balqis did their best with a make-shift crew, consistently placing in the top 5 for all 4 races to just miss out on a podium placing in 4th place with 18 points. Completing the winners in PY was none other than Minx, who despite finishing last on corrected time in Race 6, managed to complete the series 1 point ahead of Balqis to take 3rd.

With the wind angles favouring Itchy-go in 2 of the 4 races available, the little Weta wasted no time to stretch her lead in those races, and eventually scoring 2 hard-earned victories. That helped push her ahead of Cicak and Ding Hao in the overall series, winning the Multihull title 2 points ahead of closest contenders, Cicak. Faced with inexperienced crew and a challenging handicap, Ding Hao made the most of it, and finished on a high – scoring in win in Race 6 to secure her position in 3rd.

A no-show from Bad Influence meant that Stray Catz and Madfish II had a mini match racing series yesterday, with the latter winning 3 of the 4 races available to take home the Beach Catamaran title for the Sailfest Regatta 2020.


With the Sailfest Regatta being the final installment of our CSC Sailing Festival, results for the overall leaderboard were tabulated – What a close fight it was for each class!

In the IRC Class, Waka Tere won every event available, making it a complete and perfect victory for the Nelson 10. But the fight for second place was brought to a tie-breaker with Born in Fire emerging ahead yet again – this time over the Mumm 30, Invictus.

The PY class overall winner for the Sailing Festival was also closely contested, with Ikaroa doing just enough for the Sailfest Regatta to pip Minx for the title by 1 point. Remington earned a well-deserved place in the top 3 with her win in the Sailfest Regatta, and taking part in every race available for the Sailing Festival.

Ding Hao’s victories in the 2-Island Race and Trimaran Championship laid the foundation for a comfortable win in this year’s Sailing Festival, scoring a total of 10 points from 5 events to take the Multihull title. Another tight result for 2nd and 3rd between Buay Kaola and Witblits, with the latter effectively surrendering 2nd place having not competed this weekend.

1st and 2nd were separated by only 1 point in the Beach Catamaran Class, as Madfish II edged out Bad Influence to take the Beach Catamaran title. A late bounty of wins from the Commodore’s Cup and Sailfest Regatta was the boost that gave her the eventual victory over Bad Influence.

Congratulations to all the winners from each class!

As part of the Club’s measures to implement social distancing at our events due to the COVID-19 situation, the prize-giving will be postponed to 6th June, together with the Twilight Series I Finale.

Thank you everyone for participating in all the Sailing Festival events over the past 3 months, see you next week for the start of our regular Sunday Series I club racing.

Results Sailfest Regatta 2020


Beach Catamaran Overall


Multihull Overall


PY Keelboat Overall


IRC Keelboat Overall

2020 Sailing Festival Final Standings

Beach Catamaran


PY Keelboat

IRC Keelboat

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CSC Sailfest Regatta 2020 Day 1

The final installment of the CSC Sailing Festival kicked off in gentle North-Easterly winds, taking all 18 boats on a pennant 4 course for Race 1 of the CSC Sailfest Regatta 2020. Faced with a strengthening outgoing tide and conflicting weather systems on the return leg of the course, the fleet was constantly reshuffled throughout the race.

Madfish II drew first blood in the Beach Catamaran Class, scoring two bullets from the only 2 races available to lead going into Sunday. Bad Influence managed to keep it really close in race 2, finishing just seconds behind Madfish II. Encounters with the reckless Ubin Ferries in second race left Stray Catz quite far astray from the leaders, and will be looking to make amends in the remaining races today.

With a boost of professional crew assistance from the Prosail Duo of Alice and Scott, Buay Kaola scores a 1st and 2nd for both races to take the lead in the Multihull Class. Placed just 2 points away, little Itchy-Go lapped up the short course in the afternoon downpour to secure an easy bullet for Race 2, and will be hoping for similar conditions and courses today. Cicak and Ding Hao are currently tied for 3rd just 1 point away – and have everything to play for in the coming races.

Consistency was key for PY leaders Remington, as she navigated the conditions well and played it conservative to score 2 second places to sit 4 points ahead of their nearest rivals. The S & S 42 cannot be complacent, as all boats from 2nd to 6th positions are if not tied on points, separated by one. Adona scores a bullet in race 1, but struggled in 7th for Race 2. The J24 will also be keeping a close eye on Balqis, the other J24 in the fleet. Placed just 1 point from each other, it will be exciting to see how the rivalry on water unfolds. Petit Bateau took the win for race 2 – in conditions perfectly suited to the Esse 750’s asymmetrical spinnaker set-up.

It was business as usual for Waka Tere in the IRC Class, continuing on their fine run from last week’s East Johor Straits Race Victory to secure 2 bullets ahead of Red Rum and Born in Fire in the SailFest Regatta. At this rate, the Nelson 10 might very well end up sweeping all Sailing Festival Events in 2020!

We are quietly hoping for one final strong North-Easterly blow today, wrapping up our CSC Sailing Festival on a high. Please see below for results and photos.



Beach Catamaran_sailfest2020




Keelboat PY_sailfest2020


IRC class_sailfest2020

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3rd East Johor Straits Race

After experiencing some unpredictable weather conditions and an at times unsteady North-East Monsoon breeze during the Commodore’s Cup, participants of the 3rd East Johor Straits Race were cautious and doubtful of the wind condition on Sunday Morning. To everyone’s surprise/delight, the wind gods delivered early in the morning, sending a steady north-easterly wind to greet sailors on the start line.

A 15 nM course which boasts unique scenery of the East Johor Straits coast line, this passage race is open to all Keelboats & Multihulls.

In the IRC Class, defending champions Waka Tere were beaten on the start line by challengers Invictus, who pulled away early in the race to try and increase their lead on the 2019 winners. Despite their best efforts, Skipper Justin and team could only muster an 11 minute lead, well short of what was required to defeat Waka Tere.

With 2019 winners Southern Light out of action, it was time for a new contestant to secure the PY Class Challenge Trophy for 2020. CSC warmly welcomes Zoo Too from Marina at Keppel Bay to compete in this event. In 2019, she competed in our Commodore’s Cup – this year she return to participate in the East Johor Straits Race, a race format more suited for the Dufour 35. Without a doubt, Passage race favourites Sapphire Star and Ikaroa quickly took the lead, with their massive spinnakers and excellent downwind boat speed. The former eventually took line honours, but could not put enough distance between her and Ikaroa, surrendering the win and challenge trophy to the husband and wife power combination. The surprise podium winner was Zoo Too, who displayed good boat speed throughout the course, matching Minx all the way to the finish line. Her efforts awarded her with a well-deserved 2nd place after corrected time, sneaking in between Ikaroa and Sapphire Star.

The Multihull did not participate in last year’s event, as the race clashed with the CSC Trimaran Championships in 2019. With the return of the Multihulls this year, we see Kaze, Buay Kaola and Witblits contesting for the top spot in this edition. The 3 boats started and finished in the same positions, and remained unchanged after corrected time. With Sailing Festival leaders Ding Hao not in attendance for this race, we look forward to some close racing in the finale at the SailFest Regatta next week!

Thank you everyone for participating in the 3rd East Johor Straits Race – we could not have asked for better wind conditions! With that, we wrap up the penultimate event of the Sailing Festival, and prepare for the Final Showdown on 21st and 22nd March (SailFest Regatta).



EJSR PY 2020

EJSR MH 2020


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CSC Commodore’s Cup Day 2

Light winds and strong currents greeted sailors for Day 2 of the Commodore’s Cup, keeping the team tacticians on their toes as they navigate the challenging conditions along the East Johor Straits. The strengthening outgoing tide swayed the Race Committee to put on a pennant 3 course for the first race of the day, sending them on a short upwind leg to Changi Buoy before embarking on a long downwind up-current to Serangoon Buoy.

With the winds dropping to below 5 knots and uncertain rain clouds looming in the horizon, the 5th and final race of the regatta was competed on a small but technical course in the form of pennant 1. A close encounter in the PY class saw 2019 champions Balqis making a bold move to cut in between fierce rivals Adona and the leeward mark, which were already well within the 3 hull-length zone described in Rule 18.2 (b). Having realized the rule infringement, Team Balqis graciously retired from that race.

Day 1 PY leaders New Blue Eyes continued her fine form to score a bullet in Race 4 and a 4th in Race 5 to seal her win – earning them the 2020 PY Class Challenge Trophy. Adona‘s first Commodore’s Cup campaign ended with an admirable 2nd place finish just 3 points behind, we look forward to seeing her in action for future races. Shardana completed the podium in 3rd, scoring her second bullet in Race 5 to just edge out Balqis with a tie-breaker on number of firsts obtained for the series.

Waka Tere navigated the challenging conditions to score an emphatic and clinical victory in the IRC Class, sweeping all races available to retain the Commodore’s Cup Challenge Trophy for 2020. Born in Fire was the best of the rest, despite grounding on Day 1 and missing out on the time limit for Race 4 – she manages to finish as first runner-up with 9 points. It was a close fight for 3rd, as Red Rum One fended off a late surge of good performances from Invictus to claim 2nd runner-up just 2 points ahead.

Another close contest developed in the Multihull Class, as leaders Witblits and pursuers Ding Hao sailed hard for the remaining 2 races to determine the winner for this regatta. 2020 Trimaran Championships winner and favourites Ding Hao always knew it was going to be an uphill task to maintain a sufficient lead on the fleet to score her victory in each race. Despite a superb effort by Ding Hao to beat Witblits by 8 seconds on corrected time, Cicak sneaked in a win for Race 5, earning them a total of 9 points and a place on the podium. Her victory resulted in a tie-breaker for Witblits and Ding Hao, with the former holding on to top spot by a hair’s breadth – breaking the tie with one more bullet than the other.

In the Beach Catamaran Class, Stray Catz was over zealous on the start line – scoring an OCS for Race 4. Madfish II and Bad Influence scored a win each to complete the regatta in first and second respectively – with Madfish II successfully defending her title this year.

Thank you everyone for participating over the weekend, 27 boats over 4 classes is an amazing turn out! Special thanks to our visiting friends Rainbow Dream & Millenium II for joining us for the Regatta, we look forward to your support in the remaining 2 events (East Johor Straits Race & Sailfest Regatta) of our Sailing Festival.

Despite the difficult conditions, we are glad to have hosted yet another successful edition of the CSC Commodore’s Cup!








Cat4 Cat5



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