CSC Optimist Championships Silver Fleet Day 4 (Yellow)

We’re finally done with racing! The 4th and final day saw some exciting moments on the race course, and impressive results from the sailors representing Changi Sailing Club. After a short delay in the morning due to poor wind conditions, the breeze eventually filled in from the west, sending sailors for 3 races in quick succession to complete a total of 6 races for the series.

CSC’s Nadia (SGP 765) drew first blood, scoring a bullet in Race 4 to mount a serious challenge against the leading boats in the series. However, a 16th in Race 5 set her back, only for her to fire herself up to end the day strongly with another bullet in Race 6. Totaling 27 points after 5 races, she completes the series in 5th for the Yellow Group and just manages to sneak into 9th overall for the silver fleet.

At the top of the Yellow Group, Teck Woon (SGP 3146) continued his fine showing from Day 2, scoring a 3rd, 5th and 12th for the final day to discard race 6 for a total of 12 points. He places 2nd in the Silver Fleet overall results, behind Trevor Ng (SGP 788) from the Blue Group. Mildred’s (SGP 4455) consistent result of 4th, 4th & 8th secured her 2nd in the Yellow Group and 4th overall. Trevor’s stellar performance of 5 bullets from 6 races in the Blue Group sealed his win for the Silver Fleet Championships – positioning himself ready for the rigours of the Gold Fleet.

Overall, a great performance from the fleet, as many were racing in a national ranking regatta for their first time ever. A superb showing from the CSC Youth Squad, with 3 sailors finishing in the top 10:

1st – Trevor (SGP 788), 8th – Simone (SGP 786), 9th – Nadia (SGP 765)

Commendable results from the rest of the Squad:

14th – Yohan (SGP 731)

17th – Angyal (SGP 711)

19th – Tiago (SGP 719)

33rd – Faith (SGP 730)

35th – Samuel (SGP 727)

42nd – Heng Yi (SGP 755)

43rd – Ethan (SGP 747)

44th – Theodore (SGP 734)

50th – Caio (SGP 708)

Thank you all for participating in this year’s CSC Optimist Championships, despite the unique situation/challenging times.

Special thanks to the Race Committee (Charlene & Team), volunteers and International Jury (Mr Selvam Mookken) for all the hard work over the 2 weeks of racing. We look forward to welcoming everyone back in 2021.


Silver Fleet Combined Results (Final)_11 Dec 2020

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CSC Optimist Championships Silver Fleet Day 3 (Blue)

For the first time in the 2020 CSC Optimist Championships, the C Flag was raised, signaling sailors for a change of course in Race 6 due to a significant wind shift. Despite the shifty wind conditions, the Race Committee managed to secure 2 races, completing a total of 6 races for the Blue Group.

CSC’s Trevor Ng (SGP 788) managed to maintain his great form, scoring 2 more bullets to secure top spot in the blue group with 5 points after 1 discard. Silver Fleet top seed Gerard Tan (SGP 3464) placed a distant 2nd, totaling 13 points from 5 races. Nigel Tan (SGP 4693) completed the top 3 in the Blue Group on 20 points, just barely defending a late push by Simone Ng (SGP 786) in 4th place, whose 2nd & 4th place finish in yesterday’s races helped her climb up by 1 position.

An intimidating squall rushing through the course in the early afternoon made it a fairly short day for the sailors, with participants all back on shore before 3pm. Not long after, another bout of thunderstorm hit the club – thankfully with most sailors packed up and under shelter. We now look forward to the final day of racing for the Yellow Group; Good luck to all silver fleet competitors racing today!


Silver Fleet Day 3 (Blue Group)

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CSC Optimist Championships Silver Fleet Day 2 (Yellow)

With the winds filling in on time yet again, it was another day of great sailing for the Silver Fleet sailors. The Yellow group boasts 10 sailors from the CSC Youth Sailing Programme, of which 4 sailors had their first experience racing in the CSC Optimist Championships! After 4 hours on water, 3 races were notched for the Yellow Group, leaving them trailing the Blue Group by 1 race at the end of Day 1.

Amassing a total of 4 points from 3 races, the best performer in Day 1 was Pee Teck Woon (SGP 3146). Seeded 18th in the latest silver rankings, this was a fantastic result for the young sailor! In a distant 2nd, Mildred Wong (SGP 4455) scored a bullet in the 3rd and final race for the day, ending on a high with 10 points. Tied for 3rd place on 12 points were Sean Kum (SGP 4682) and Lukas Kiesselbach (BAH 601).

Our CSC Sailors fared pretty well, with 4 sailors placing in the top 10 – 7th (Nadia, SGP 765), 8th (Tiago, SGP 719), 9th (Angyal, SGP 711) and 10th (Yohan, SGP 731). The remaining 6 sailors also did commendably, all completing their races and staying disciplined (no penalties) throughout the day.

When the results for both the Blue Group and Yellow Group were combined, Trevor Ng (SGP 788) leads the fleet with 3 points. He holds a sliver of an advantage over Yellow Groups, Teck Woon (SGP 3146) on 4 points. Trailing in 3rd and 4th are Nigel (SGP 4693)and Gerard (SGP 3464), both strong sailors in the Blue Group, and separated from each other by only a point.

Going into today’s second day of racing for the Blue Group, Trevor will be looking to solidify his position at the top in the remaining 3 races available. It will not be an easy task, considering the relatively high quality of sailors in the Silver Fleet.

All the best to the competitors racing today – please see below for results & photos.


Silver Fleet Day 2 (Yellow Group)

Silver Fleet Combined Results Day 1


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CSC Optimist Championships Day 1 Silver Fleet (Blue)

What a difference a weekend makes! After a really challenging regatta with the Gold Fleet sailors last week, the Silver Fleet sailors had the luxury of a consistent Northerly breeze blowing through Loyang Basin yesterday, allowing for a hassle-free conduct of 4 races for the Blue group.

Sitting at the top of the Blue Group after 4 races is our very own Trevor Ng (SGP 788)! Trevor came into this regatta placed 5th in the latest silver fleet rankings, in addition to a commendable showing at the NSC Cup Series 1 (10th). After a shaky start in Race 1, Trevor quickly found his footing to score 3 bullets from the remaining 3 races. Weekly trainings with the youth sailing programme at Changi Sailing Club had borne fruit – putting him 4 points ahead of 2nd placed Nigel Tan (SGP 4693). Sailing seems to be in the blood, as Trevor’s sister Simone Ng (SGP 786) is not far off in the standings, placing 5th with a total of 16 points. Gerard Tan (SGP 3464), current top seed in the Silver Fleet fared well, placing in the top 3 for all 4 races to finish day 1 with 8 points in 3rd. Just outside the top 3 is Kam Hao Re (SGP 3473). Ranked 20th in the Silver Fleet, he performed superbly yesterday, scoring 14 points from 4 races to slot into 4th at the end of Day 1.

Today we conduct racing for the Yellow Group – CSC will be represented by a total of 11 sailors, many of them racing for the first time. Good luck and fair winds to all competitors.


Silver Fleet Blue Group Day 1

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CSC Optimist Championships Day 4 Gold Fleet (Yellow)

Clear skies with strong and consistent north winds sent the boats flying through the race course with many sailors having to hike out, with no problems for the Race Committee (RC) to laying the course and starting promptly at 1100hrs.

Given favorable conditions, the RC was able to complete the 3 races very comfortably, effectively concluding all racing activities before 1430hrs – a luxury considering the poor conditions from  previous days. After the 3 races were added, the top 3 saw some changes. In first place, Ethan Teo (SGP 4688) held on to his lead convincingly, securing the win with a total of 6 points. A bullet in Race 3, coupled with a 2nd in Race 5 helped to seal his victory in the yellow group as well as claim the 2020 CSC Optimist Championship Challenge Trophy.

Taking 2nd position in the yellow group is Nicole Lim (SGP 3281) with 17 points and coming in closely behind Nicole is Elisha Lim (SGP 4415). Nicole sailed a 3 superb races on the final day, scoring top 5 finishes in the 3 races available to leapfrog into 2nd. Her scores were sufficient to place her 5th in the overall standings, falling behind Blue group’s Nadine (2), Isaac (3) & Kenan (4). It was a similar result for Elisha, as a 2nd and 3rd in Race 4 and 5 secured her place in the top 3 for yellow group and 7th overall.

CSC sailors Cheryl Yong (SGP 744) and Ikuto Mori (SGP 712) both did well despite facing tough weather requiring them to work hard, finishing 26 and 28 respectively out of 38 boats. Their overall results place them in 52nd and 55th, a commendable result despite the challenging conditions.

Good job to all sailors for being patient and resilient throughout the tiring  4 days with shaky winds and congratulations to all winners. Definitely a well-deserved rest earned. We now look forward to hosting the Silver fleet next week, and pray for a consistent north-easterly breeze to carry us through the event!


CSC Gold Fleet Combined Results (4/12/20)

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