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Sunday Series III – Race 1

A free weekend was all it took for many boats to repair and prepare their boats for the next Sunday Series, which commenced yesterday, 27th September. After a very successful Sunday Series II, sailors returned to compete at the start line, with a total of 26 boats racing in the first of 5 races for […]

Sunday Series II – Race 5 (Final)

As if a wet Saturday was not enough, the 5th and final race of the Sunday Series II took place in a never-ending bout of rain, much to the dismay of the sailors participating. With the heavy rain and poor visibility on the southern coast, all hopes of having the multihulls return on time from […]

Twilight Series II – Race 4 (Final)

It seemed like a repeat of last Saturday, with plenty of rain and glassy waters in the early afternoon. Race Organisers were determined to get a 4th and final race in for this series, ushering sailors out on to the water to prepare for a timely start. Thankfully a nice southerly breeze came through 15 […]

Sunday Series II – Race 4

Clear skies and a gentle breeze made for a fantastic day of racing, much to the delight of the sailors taking part in the 4th Race of our Sunday Series II. Shifty and gusty winds between North Angler and Paku meant that sailors had to plan their route carefully and be quick to react to […]

Twilight Series II – Race 3

We’ve all experienced this before – racing in little to no winds, across glassy waters with a strong tide against you and waiting for the slightest breeze to carry your boat to the next mark of the course. These were the exact conditions faced by sailors during the 3rd race of the Twilight Series II. […]

Sunday Series II – Race 3

After a relaxing long weekend cruise to Raffles Marina and Lazarus Island celebrating Singapore’s 55th Birthday on 8 – 10 August, it was business as usual yesterday, with sailors re-energized and raring to go in the 3rd race of our Sunday Series II. Totaling 27 boats on water, it was another amazing turn out for […]

CSC to RM National Day Weekend Cruise 2020

CHANGI SAILING CLUB TO RAFFLES MARINA (8 to 10 August) An account from Genesis. It would have been a cruise to Nongsa Point Marina if not for the border closure due to Covid-19. So, what should we do and where can we go to? This was the question posted during one of our many coffee […]

Twilight Series II – Race 2

A gentle south-easterly breeze greeted sailors at the start line of the 2nd race for Twilight Series II. It was a welcome change of wind strength, after the carnage from last week’s Sunday Series Storm at North Angler. In the Multihull and Beach Catamaran Class, we see an intimate number of boats, totaling 6 across […]

Sunday Series II – Race 2

It was a dramatic end to racing in july, as a huge storm crashed the 2nd race of our Sunday Series II, causing mayhem on the course. Despite the challenging conditions resulting in many retirements, we are glad that all participating sailors were safe and unhurt. The storm clouds approached swift and furious from the […]