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Sunday Series III 2023 (Race 4)

The insistent rain over the past week carried over to the weekend, as dark clouds loomed dramatically over CSC, threatening to give participants of the Sunday Series III Race 4 a cold shower. It did not pour, but thankfully an eastern breeze filled in, providing a decent upwind leg to Changi Buoy right after the […]

Cruise to Coney Island & MDR 2023

And that’s how you end the year with a blast! Back to back events for our CSC Youth Sailing Programme the past weekend. A memorable journey to the island on Saturday, 18 November and competitive dinghy racing on Sunday, 19 November. Cruise to Coney Island – It was a perfect day for a passage sailing […]

Twilight Series III 2023 (Race 3)

The NE Monsoon has begun to tease us! We had refreshing wind conditions for the 3rd race of the Twilight Series III, all thanks the the prevailing NE breeze, taking sailors on a quick and easy jaunt between Changi and Squance. The fleet was represented by 7 Keelboats, 3 Multihulls and 1 Beach Catamaran, totaling […]

Sunday Series III 2023 (Race 3)

Happy Deepavali to All! Our 3rd Race of the Series coincidentally falls on the day where Hindus around the world celebrate the Festival of Lights. While CSC is tucked away in a little corner of Singapore, we no doubt felt the carnival-like atmosphere, from chanting and cheering on water as the pulau ubin ferry boats […]

Invisiron Ambassadors’ Cup 2023

At the 22nd Ambassadors’ Cup, we were fortunate to have the winds blowing in our favour, as sailors enjoyed a beautiful sail to north angler and back, marking the first year in a long while where participants could successfully complete the full course for the event. The 2023 edition was presided by H.E. Manuel Hernando […]

Twilight Series III 2023 (Race 2)

With just a week till the Ambassadors’ Cup, sailors squeeze in their final preparations, some making it for quick sail in the Twilight Series III, Race 2. Unsurprisingly, the afternoon started off with lackluster conditions, prompting the Race Committee to signal an AP flag, postponing racing for the fleet. Thankfully, a light southeasterly came through […]

Sunday Series III 2023 (Race 2)

Despite starting in a promising north-easterly breeze on a pennant 3 course, the fleet for the Sunday Series III Race 2 was reduced to a slow crawl on the return leg from Serangoon Buoy, with a few boats using nearly the full 210 minutes allowed for the race. All classes were represented this weekend, with […]

Sunday Series III 2023 (Race 1)

After a week’s break, CSC resumes Club racing activities with the Sunday Series III, commencing the series with a rare pennant 8 course – providing a convenient warmup for next month’s 22nd Ambassadors’ Cup. Winds blew consistently from a southeasterly direction, setting a near-perfect windward-leeward course for the 12 boats participating. In the IRC class, […]

Sunday Series II 2023 Finale (Race 5)

The weather continued to tease us on Sunday, with an incessant drizzle dampening the mood in the morning. This was speckled with bits of breeze across the channel, but nothing stable enough for a decent race. Thankfully the sky cleared up from noon, and winds picked up from a south-westerly direction – a clear signal […]