Bintan Regatta 2024 (Day 2)

Our final day of racing in Bintan is officially over! From the strong camaraderie shared both on water and on shore to the captivating entertainment at Lagoi Bay, this long weekend is certainly one to remember for all of us.

Today’s weather conditions were the opposite of yesterday’s. When we departed Bandar Bentan Telani, the air was still, amplifying the sweltering heat we were already experiencing at Lagoi Bay. As it took a long while for the wind to fill in, only 2 windward-leeward races were completed for the day. However, it was still great fun, and there was plenty of close racing to witness. The champions of each category could also walk, or rather, sail home with a specially crafted trophy featuring a boat model made from fish parts. We hope the unique experience of Bintan was an exciting experience for everyone.

In the first race of the day, Born in Fire made an error in judgment by dropping their spinnaker while attempting to gybe simultaneously. This caused them to stall momentarily, creating a prime opportunity for Silhouette to cruise past them. Nonetheless, the tables were flipped in race 5 when Silhouette did not manage to secure their position rounding Mark 2, allowing Born in Fire to slip past and snatch back the last bullet. This was the crucial move that determined the winner of the tie-breaker between these two boats. A very well done to Born in Fire for emerging victorious in the keelboat category, and Silhouette for putting up a good fight. Kudos as well to Birregurra and Summer Breeze for their commendable performances.

Now, the multihulls. With Kublai Khan choosing to sit out of racing today, all eyes were on Miss Visayan and Soluna. Miss Visayan was truly at the top of her game this weekend, with only one second-place finish marring an otherwise flawless record of consecutive bullets. Soluna did also perform admirably to clinch second overall, but Miss Visayan’s exceptional speed was indeed too quick for anyone to catch up. Congratulations to Miss Visayan, Soluna, and Kublai Khan for your achievements in this weekend.

In the bittersweet conclusion of the Bintan Regatta, we would like to thank our partners and sponsors for their instrumental role in making the regatta a success. Firstly, we express our gratitude to Bintan Resort Cakrawala for their invaluable partnership in co-organising this event alongside CSC. Without their unwavering support, racing in such a picturesque location would not have been possible. Furthermore, our sincere appreciation goes to our accommodation partner, Grand Lagoi Hotel Bintan, for their efforts in making Bintan the amazing getaway it is, and ensuring that our sailors are well-fed and rejuvenated for each day.

Finally, a huge thank you to all skippers and crew for your participation in this regatta. Your eagerness to sail truly breathed life into this event, and we hope to see you again in the next edition of the Bintan Regatta.

May everyone have a safe journey back to CSC!


Bintan Regatta 2024 Results Day 2 Overall

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Bintan Regatta 2024 (Day 1)

Well, perhaps we spoke too early about the great conditions we expected this weekend. The weather played tricks on us instead, teasing us with its inconsistency throughout the day. As a result, our initial plan to pump out 4 races was cut short to 3. Missing out on a passage race today was unfortunate, but the quick windward-leeward races brought their own thrill on our first day of racing in Bintan.

As we readied to leave the marina, the heat was intense, and there was barely a breeze to be felt. Yet, after we commenced the first race, passing clouds brought a brief sprinkle of drizzle. By the time we reached race 3, a heavy downpour had descended which reduced visibility immensely, obscuring the cylindrical buoys under a blanket of rain. This left our sailors to navigate the waters blind, but they displayed grit in finishing the race in such dramatic conditions.

With 3 races down, we have an official set of provisional results in Lagoi Bay, a privilege we did not have last year. In the PY class, Born in Fire and Silhouette are the main contenders for first overall. The former demonstrated great prowess with a bullet and two second-place finishes, while Silhouette also put on an impressive performance, despite losing out on race 3 after accounting for handicaps. Following Silhouette, Birregurra holds third position just ahead of Summer Breeze. Notably, although race 3 was the toughest of them all, Summer Breeze was still able to cross the finish line and achieved first place on corrected time.

Among the multihull class, there was a fiercely contested fight between Miss Visayan and Soluna. The outcome of each race was unpredictable, for they exchanged positions constantly in each leg. Currently, only 1 point separates the two trimarans, and so it will take until the final race tomorrow to determine our champion. Kublai Khan have not yet made their way into the top 2, but tomorrow presents another opportunity for them to make their mark.

The first day of racing in Lagoi Bay truly offered a distinct experience from the waters of CSC. The expansive open space available was eagerly leveraged by many, enabling boats to sail as far into the distance as they desired. With the refreshing change of scenery, we hope everyone is invigorated for more racing tomorrow. Rest well, and see you again on water!


Bintan Regatta 2024 Results PY Day 1

Bintan Regatta 2024 Results Multihull Day 1

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2nd Bintan Regatta 2024 (Pre-Event Report)

Co-organised by Bintan Resort Cakrawala and Changi Sailing Club, the Bintan Regatta makes a triumphant return for its second edition, promising an exhilarating weekend of sailing in the open waters of Lagoi Bay. Most of us can recall the setbacks we faced in its inaugural year; with thunderstorms and rough seas, the foul weather called for the races to be rerun at CSC. Nonetheless, this year promises to be bigger and better. With nature’s blessings, sunny skies and north-easterly winds are expected this long weekend, encompassing the excellent sailing conditions that await our participants.

While last year’s event saw 6 participating boats, we are thrilled to welcome 8 boats joining us this regatta: Birregurra, Born in Fire, Inuka, Silhouette, Summer Breeze, Miss Visayan, Soluna and Kublai Khan. We look forward to an exciting and memorable experience of racing and lively festivities for all involved.

Event Highlights

The regatta spans from 29th to 31st March, with Saturday and Sunday featuring three races each. All boats will depart from Bandar Bentan Telani for a mix of windward-leeward and passage races. Chief Race Officer Jhing will oversee the smooth conduct of the races aboard Skybird, the designated race committee boat. After the events of the weekend draw to a close, participants will embark on a scenic sail back to CSC on 1st April.

The opening ceremony takes place tonight to kick off the festivities. Tomorrow morning, skippers will receive race instructions and updates at the skippers’ briefing. As the sun sets on Saturday, the skies will come alive with a spectacular display of fireworks, complemented by fire jugglers and the infectious beats of a DJ for the evening’s entertainment. Finally, the regatta’s finale on Sunday night will be marked by a closing ceremony. Both the opening and closing ceremonies will take place at the Tidal Bar.

Jong Race Festival

Happening concurrently with the Bintan Regatta is the Jong Race Festival at Lagoi Bay. The word ‘Jong’ refers to traditional wooden sailing vessels that were once ubiquitous in the maritime trade networks of Indonesia. Today, the Jong Race Festival is a celebration of the country’s seafaring traditions of the past, where participants gather to build and race mini sailboats using boat-building techniques passed down from generation to generation. If you are not planning on racing, do head down to Lagoi Bay to enjoy the seascape of colourful sailboats steeped in rich tradition. Otherwise, we have the larger version back at CSC, Jong Dee.


We express our sincere appreciation to Bintan Resort Cakrawala for co-organising this regatta alongside CSC. Additionally, we would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to Grand Lagoi Hotel Bintan, our official accommodation partner for the event. Their support and hospitality have ensured that our participants enjoy a serene and comfortable stay here.

With the event’s plans laid out, we hope everyone is geared up for all that is to come. Wishing everyone a wonderful time in Indonesia, and best of luck to all participants racing this weekend!

Bintan Regatta (rerun) 29-30 April 2023

Not too long ago, Changi Sailing Club decided to organize a Regatta off the Lagoi Bay, Bintan, partnering with Bintan Resort Cakrawala and Grand Lagoi Hotel to bring sailors to a new racing destination. Alas, the weather on the weekend of 27-30 January was a little too rough for the participating boats, resulting in the reluctant decision to postpone the race to a later date.

Read all about the event in Bintan here:

The rerun of this event took place over the last weekend of April, in the humble East Johor Straits. It was a great opportunity to give the event and its organizers more exposure, as sailors which originally could not take part in January were also invited to participate, totaling 9 Keelboats and 1 Multihull. The wind while unpredictable was sufficient for the race committee conjure 5 races over 2 days, an incredible feat despite the challenges that come with the inter-monsoon season.

In the IRC Class, both Silhouette and Waka Tere raced all 5 races available, keeping the racing close and exciting on the circuit. The former managed to cross the line in 3 out of the 5 races, but did not put enough distance in front of the Nelson 10 for 2 of them, resulting in only a single bullet from 5 races. Nevertheless, the silhouette crew were in high spirits, content with their improved performance over Day 2. Waka Tere were clinical in their technical maneuvers, but squandered the opportunity for a clean sheet having to escape an outbound commercial vessel in race 5 and subsequently incurring a 47 second time penalty. She completes the series with 4 points, winning the Bintan Regatta Challenge Trophy for the IRC Class. Special thanks to old hand Jong Dee, for joining the fray on Day 2 and supporting the event in the IRC Class!

The light breeze were to the little boats’ advantage, as Marut and Brio excelled over the weekend, taking 1st and 3rd place respectively in the Keelboat PY Class. The former survived a late surge from her rivals, securing a much needed win in race 5 to claim 1st position overall on 5 points. Shardana was sandwiched in between on 2nd place, scoring 2 bullets (races 3 and 4) to complete the series on 8 points. Brio was arguably the most consistent of the fleet, scoring podium finishes in 4 out of 5 races, cutting a comfortable figure in 3rd. The Bintan Regatta Challenge Trophy however went to the best performer which participated in the original event in Bintan – Olmeto! The Beneteau Oceanis 320 struggled in the light air, and had a down-down moment in race 1, hoisting the spinnaker upside-down, Despite the hiccups, Olmeto completed the series in a respectable 4th with a total of 17 points.

Last but not least, we greatly appreciate Bula’s continued support for our events despite being the only Multihull in attendance. She takes home the Multihull Challenge Trophy, and we hope she is joined by her multihull friends in subsequent events.

Back on shore, Changi Sailing Club had the honour of hosting key officials from Bintan Resorts Cakrawala, namely:

  • Prakash (GM, Operations)
  • Azmi (Head of Business Development & Operations)
  • Rinto (Marketing / Social Media)

Thank you everyone for joining us over the weekend for the rerun of this event, we look forward to planning the 2nd edition of this event together with Bintan Resorts Cakrawala next year.


Bintan Regatta_MH Results 2023

Bintan Regatta_PY Results 2023

Bintan Regatta_IRC Results 2023

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Bintan Regatta 2023 (30 Jan)

After a night of anxious rest, hopeful sailors were greeted by further rain, dampening the mood at breakfast. The traditional Jong Display scheduled to take place at 8am was unfortunately postponed, as was the scheduled departure for the Marina due to the unfavourable weather.

The weather forecast predicted a few hours of dry weather from 12 noon to 5pm, providing renewed enthusiasm for the Race Committee and participants. However, when the Race Committee departed BBT to scout the route and test the conditions, the short sail revealed that poor visibility was not the only issue for the sailors. upon arriving at the northwestern corner of Bintan, Skybird encountered  20-24 knots of wind with a rough sea state of 3-4 metre swells. The yacht struggled with just half a headsail, and was relentlessly battered by the conditions attempting to head east to the race location. Over at the Lagoi Bay, the operations crew were also face with rolling seas, conditions ill-suited for laying the marks of the course.

With the safety of the participating yachts, sailors and supporting staff in mind, the decision was made to postpone racing for the weekend. The race winners will be decided on the weekend of 29-30 April (Labour Day weekend), where skippers came to an agreement to race in a make-up regatta at Changi Sailing Club to determine the winners for this year’s event. Yachts which did not participate in this event may also participate on 29-30 April, but only the 6 participating yachts will be eligible to win the challenge trophies and prizes kindly sponsored by Bintan Resorts Cakrawala and Grand Lagoi Hotel by Willson.

Sunday afternoon and evening was peppered with activities, from a exhilarating Jong Sailing display (finally!) at Lagoi Bay to rich cultural performances by the local communities at the closing dinner, participants were treated to a multi-sensory experience to conclude a wonderful weekend in Bintan marred slightly by the lack of racing.

Changi Sailing Club would like to take this opportunity to thank the amazing team from Bintan Resorts Cakrawala together with the team at Grand Lagoi Hotel by Willson for the outstanding support and hospitality throughout the weekend. We would also like to thank the participants: Bula, Waka Tere, Minx, Silhouette, Olmeto and Ikaroa for joining us for the inaugural edition of this event. Last but not least, all of this could not have taken place without the efforts and support from the governing authorities, agents and administrative staff responsible for clearing our fleet in and out of Singapore and Indonesia.

See you all on 29-30 April for the final conclusion of the 1st Bintan Regatta 2023!

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