CSC ILCA & 29er Open 2024 (Day 1)

The new year welcomes the CSC ILCA & 29er Open 2024, a highly anticipated event for ILCA 4, ILCA 6 and 29er sailors eager to test their skills in the Northeast monsoon. The wind hovered at around 0 degrees, and it was a relatively luminous day, notwithstanding the sudden downpour in race 2. Adding to the mix of conditions was the increasing strength of the current as the day progressed. By race 4, the lighter ILCAs had a formidable challenge to hold their ground and not get pushed too far out. For the race committee, it was a successful day overall with sufficient races run for all boat classes.

While the ILCA 6s and 29ers completed 4 races for the day, the ILCA 4s had to settle for 3 instead. With many crossing the line too early, the AP and Black flags had to be flown to ensure all races had a satisfactory start. Making up the top 3 are Sarah Yong (214438), Gabi Oh (224461) and Eitan Oh (222743), with 11 points separating the three sailors. However, Eitan might have to watch his back as he is tied in points with Ian Goh (222713) at 4th place. Notable contenders from the CSC team are Tiago Cheng De Villemor Salgado (222437), placing 14th in his first ILCA regatta, and Lukas Kiasselbach (221597) who is just 2 places behind Tiago. Youngling Misa Lim Laurie (223202) is also at the forefront of the 12 years and under category! Well done to our sailors!

The ILCA 6s consist of a small pack of 19, yet it brought some exciting rivalry between the adept sailors. After registering at least top 4 finishes in today’s races, Kenan Tan (205778) from RVYC is comfortably in the lead. Also from the same club, Jarrod Toh (214748) now places 3rd, a great showing in this competitive fleet. Sandwiched between Kenan and Jarrod is CSC’s Isaac Goh (219158), who performed superbly with bullet finishes in 2 out of 4 races. Kudos to the ILCA 6 sailors for their impressive endurance despite the tiring day they had!

Now, the 29ers. Duo Seth Low and Amos Tham (SGP) take the provisional lead after consistent top 2 placings in all 4 races today, while Cheryl Yong Heng Xi and Annika Chui (8) sit behind them by 3 points. Trailing behind the latter are Nicole Ng Hui Hong and Ezann Sephira Tan (SIN), who unfortunately had their bullet finish in race 1 erased after a disqualification. Perhaps race 1 brought an air of bad luck, as Josh Ang Shaal (153) capsized before the start and was handed a DNS. Amid the colourful spinnakers and bright sails, his boat rounds off the fleet for the 29ers.

A great job to the sailors today for their perseverance despite the volatile conditions. Have a well-deserved rest, and good luck to all tomorrow!


29er Result Summary

ILCA 4 Result Summary

ILCA 6 Result Summary

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CSC Optimist Championship Gold Fleet (Final Day)

The start of the final day of the CSC Optimist Championships 2023 was a repeat of yesterday, as winds were shy to blow on the waters of the racing area. With the blazing sun beating down on the backs of the sailors, many did not hesitate to cool off in the sea. However, once the wind had filled in by the afternoon, there was a frenzy among race officials to squeeze in 2 last races for the Gold Fleet.

The regatta concluded in a dramatic fashion, as Ethan Chia Han Wei (121) and Zeph Wan (122) exchanged tacks to the finish line, with Zeph barely edging out Ethan to score his first bullet in this regatta. Nonetheless, that clearly did not matter to Ethan, as his incredible record of 9 points in 7 of his best races deems him miles ahead from the rest of the fleet. As such, he emerges as the undisputed champion for the CSC Optimist Championships 2023 in the Gold Fleet!

Sean Kum Kok Wei (142) concretises his spot on the second step of the podium after finishing top 10 in both of today’s races. However, his closest rival Nigel Tan Xu Yuan (4693) falls to 6th overall after finishing 36th in the final race which was a result that did cost him. Sailors that have recorded their best placings today and made their way into the prizewinners list are Nathaniel Cheung Lap Yan (156), Desiree Lee (4698), Mikaele Rae Ng (151) and Ashlea Tham (175). Well done to them!

Our best CSC sailor clearly goes to Cheryl Yong Heng Xi (744) who is not only 3rd overall, but also the top female sailor of the fleet! Although the sailors are only able to discard 1 race, that was all she needed to get rid of a UFD in race 3 with top 10 finishes in almost all other races. Sitting comfortably at 28th place is Yong Heng Yi (755) who has improved steadily since Day 1. In the last 4 races, he was able to finish in the top quarter of the pack, an achievement that he ought to be proud of! Right below him is Lyric Li Yuxuan (728) who had a bleaker day in comparison. In race 8, she had crossed the edge of the start line at the very last second, and as a result was handed a BFD. Nonetheless, her daringness to push herself to the limits definitely deserves notable acknowledgement.

We hope that this year’s championships was a meaningful one for all sailors filled with valuable learning opportunities. Once again, thank you to our sponsor Xtreme Sailing Products for providing the prizes to our winners. We would also like to extend our appreciation to international sailors from China for flying down to Singapore to participate in this regatta. Lastly, thank you to the race management committee for keeping our sailors safe, and coaches and parents for their guidance. See you all at the next regatta!


Day 4 Results -Race 8

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CSC Optimist Championship Gold Fleet (Day 3)

The third day of the championships for the Gold Fleet yet again brought tough luck as there was almost a complete absence of the monsoon winds. The AP signal was up for a couple of hours, and sailors hung around on shore impatiently as race officials kept watch for any sign of a breeze. While the anticipation of better conditions on the shores was palpable, the open sea offered no response. Eventually, the sailors were brought out to the waters to compete in 1 race, before having to head back to CSC right before an intense downpour ensued.

Still flying high at the top of the fleet is Ethan Chia Han Wei (121). He continues his streak of consecutive bullets for all races, besides the ever so slight blemish of second place in race 1. Seemingly in a league of his own, Ethan extends his already massive lead to 51 points! After finishing 3 places above his closest competitor in today’s race, Sean Kum Kok Wei (142) now overtakes Nigel Tan Xu Yuan (4693) for 2nd overall. However, only 3 points separate the pair, and so they will have to battle it out on the last day to solidify our runner-up. Nicole Ashley Quek (108) also replaces Ashlea Tham (175) as the top female sailor after Ashlea was 53rd to finish the last race, a record that certainly did not reflect the best of her abilities.

Cheryl Yong Heng Xi (744) moves up a place to 19th after scoring an incredible second place in race 6! Her fiery and competitive spirit truly shone through today, given her desire to make up for the positions lost in yesterday’s races. Lyric Li Yuxuan (728) is also another strong contender from the CSC pack making her way up the rankings. Demonstrating immense consistency, she was at the top 15 in the last 4 races, and now sits 29th overall. A few places below her at 32nd is Yong Heng Yi (755), who finished just behind Lyric in race 6. He registered his best result today, promoting him 10 places up which is an impressive feat in the Gold Fleet. Further down the rankings, a mere 12 positions separate 8 of our sailors, with Cecilia Kong (715) in 47th and Riley Sullivan (21745) in 58th. This will be a tight competition among the CSC team for sure!

Time indeed went by quickly, as tomorrow already concludes the last day of the CSC Optimist Championships. All the best to every sailor, and give it your best shot!


Day 3 Results – Race 6

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CSC Optimist Championship Gold Fleet (Day 2)

Thankfully, most of the challenges that characterized the first day are not apparent on day 2, as we are blessed with clear skies and some North-Eastern winds. However, shifty winds continue to be a running theme, keeping race officials on their toes to constantly reset the course. Nonetheless, with the serendipitous blend of good weather and skillful management by the race officials, the fleet was able to complete four races today.

Proving himself to be unbeatable is Ethan Chia Han Wei (121), who had a flawless day with bullet finishes in all 4 races! This is a testament to his unrivalled skill with a magnificent 43 point lead from the second placer, Nigel Tan Xu Yuan (4693). Although Sean Kum Kok Wei (142) was the first to cross the finish line in race 1, he is now third overall after placing 24th and 16th in race 4 and race 5, tainting his excellent record in the first 3 races. The different set of conditions today also brought a reshuffle to the top 10. One notable mention of sailors who are currently in the top set is Desiree Lee (4698). Placing 26th yesterday, she has steadily improved each race to achieve her best position of 5th in race 5, and now sits 7th overall.

Within our home team, Cheryl Yong Heng Xi (744) dropped to 20th after an unfortunate UFD in race 3. We are hopeful she will make a comeback soon! On the other side of the spectrum, some of our sailors are beginning to find their footing after a rough first day, such as Lyric Li Yuxuan (728). Despite retiring in race 1, she climbed up the rankings to 34th after consistent top 15 finishes in the last 3 races! Additionally, CSC sailors who have maintained their consistency are Pitsilis Amandine Zoe (702) and Yong Heng Yi (755), who are both hovering around the top 45. Sibling duo Charles Kong (716) and Cecilia Kong (715) are also now neck and neck in the provisional rankings, attaining 45th and 46th position respectively.

With 5 races in the bag, let us all hope for even more favorable conditions in the next 2 days. Good luck to all competitors for the second half of the regatta!


Day 2 Results – Race 5

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