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Name: Shuo Liu? ? ? ?Email:

Looking for crewing opportunities.? Sailing Experience / Qualification: Dinghy level 1 & Keelboat Competent Crew Course by Nov 17th 2019.? ?Whatsapp +86 1369 334 4600

Name: Darek Gierc? ? ? Email:
Hi, I?m Darek. I am a Polish sailor seeking an opportunity to become more active on the water. I have been sailing for the past 10 years. I am a certified skipper and owner of a monohull. I have recently completed the competent crew course level one and am eager to explore sail racing.
Name: Neethling Prinsloo? ? Email:
Experience: I just finished the Keelboat Level 1 course with Bryan. Apart from the keelboat level 1, I also did the adult basic dinghy course a year ago and have been sailing lasers and picos for the past year. Before that I have appr 20 year?s experience as an owner and skipper of various offshore fishing boats in my home country of South Africa.

Name: Jon Moore? ?Email:

Easy going Brit looking for crewing opportunities. I?ve been crewing at CSC aboard New Blue Eyes this past year. I also have cruising experience here and in Hong Kong, I’ve skippered bareboat in Greece and recently crewed a six-day delivery of a 44? cutter from Singapore to Phuket. I began sailing dinghies at university in Plymouth. My time is flexible ? I can crew most weekdays and weekends and will consider longer trips too. Love the water and being outdoors! RYA Day Skipper. PPCDL coming soon.

Name:: Justin Lean? ? ?Email:😕

FARR 30 Racing Yacht Invictus is welcoming new crew. All positions and experience levels welcome. If you’re fresh off the competent crew course, this might be a good way to hone your new skills. We place a premium on crew development. If you’re willing to put in the time we’ll help get you to being an effective crew on any keelboat. WhatsApp us on +6596792371.

Name: John and Xenia Boers? ?Email:?

Sangaree, 44 ? holland design , known as a swan 44? built 1982 is looking for regular crew to compete at Saturday and Sunday series as well as regattas in Singapore and Asia. Please contact John and Xenia on 8348 0295.

Name: Pedro Goncalves? ?Email

Experience (3 years) sailing dinghies (Vaurien, Laser, Pico, Pacer) and (1 year) crewing keelboats (experience in bow, jib, mainsail work). Certified Keelboat Competent Crew and PPCDL.

Other information
Since joining CSC Oct 2017, I’ve been eager to join more crews and clubs to meet and learn from experienced people (e.g. South of Perth Yacht Club, Raffles Marina). While in Singapore I can often be found at CSC on weekends with my family. Always looking forward to join races (e.g. Twilights, Sunday series) or leisure cruises.

Name: Matt Brooks? ??Email:
Sailing Experience / Qualification: Dinghy and Keelboat courses at CSC in early 2018.? Have sailed in a few CSC races on IRC class boats since then.
Other information:? Looking to complete RYA Competent Crew and Day Skipper in late 2018/early 2019; I stay in Bedok, so close by CSC on short notice.? ?In addition to racing, I am also interested in cruising or even simply boat transport around SG.

?Name:?Rene Hillig??Email:?

I’ve got about a 18 months experience sailing lasers and some limited experience on my beach cat (Nacra 5) and some keelboat experience. I did the adult dinghy (2 years ago) and keelboat competent crew courses (last year). ?I’m looking for experienced cat sailors to join me on my Nacra 5 so that I can get more sailing experience.

Name:: Allan Koh? ?Email::?

I am looking for crew interested to take part in regatta.Preferably with sailing experience.Pls?contact me.

Name:?Adrian Janssen? ?Email:??

I started out racing lasers as a teenager in Australia. More recently, I’ve obtained my RYA Day Skipper license, and have done a little bit of yacht racing in the UK.?I am keen to volunteer and hopefully get a spot in some crews for weekend races.

Name:: Nicholas Leong?Email:😕

Easy going Singaporean looking to join a fun boat for weekday or weekend sailing.
Sailing level: Day Skipper.

Name:: Jason Herring ?Email:😕

I have extensive experience in club racing and have been sailing out of RPA Sydney for the past 5 years. Most recently I have worked fore deck and am spinnaker qualified. Hold competent crew and inshore skippers certification. I am looking to crew for cruising and racing.

Name:: Patrick ?Email:😕

Just arrived from down under where I had a 26′ yacht, I would love to get back onto the water!Should you look for a crew, either on week days,(I am pretty flexible) or sundays, please let me know! Would you need help to maintain a boat let me know as well, I would be happy to help too!

Name:: Two New Sailors ?Email:😕

Just starting out learning to sail this year – completed the Competent Crew Course at CSC and the two of us are keen to help crew a yacht on the weekend to gain experience – whenever suits! Really passionate and keen to learn – we are easy to get on with and will dig in. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Name:: Oliver Thomas ?Email:😕

I’ve recently moved to Singapore with work and looking for some sailing and racing opportunities to enjoy whilst I’m here.
Sailing for 15 yrs on a 35ft HOD yacht in the Solent. Spring series, IRC Nationals, Cowes Week and Winter Series annually for most of that time. Jib and Spinnaker trim as well as pit. Offshore: Fastnet and Caribean 600 in 2015 plus qualifying RORC races.

Name:: Andreas Jahn ?Email:😕

Experienced Norwegian sailor seeking to race. Previously experience from Melges 24, X-35 and Grand Soleil 37, as well as Laser dinghy. I just want to get out on the water and will be happy to any job.

Name:: Sarah Jane Thompson ?Email:😕

Sailing experience on a range of dinghies and keelboats; qualified day skipper. Would be keen to join any team for a fun day out on the water!

Name:: Nick Potter ?Email:😕

Just got back to Singapore.Previously raced on X99 at CSC for all local races.flexible and experienced in all positions but probably a bit rusty. Often end up main trimming, pit and mast. Should be good for weekend races.

Name:: Arne Barden ??Email:😕

Firm dinghy sailor …. 30 years ago unfortunately. Ships Mechanic by profession, as well German license “CIW”, which is the license required for being a Chief Engineer on merchant vessels of all sizes and all engine ratings. Keen on lending a hand …. whatsapp 82996544.

Name:: Ryan Wong ?Email:😕

16 year old student, amateur sailor looking to gain experience racing to further my sailing skills. Good at taking orders and have experience trimming Jib sheet and raising sails. Have also done a few over night trips to Malaysia. Preferably a large keel boat as i have more experience doing that. Looking foward to getting into races.

Name:: Ben Lim ?Email:😕

Looking to crew. Sailing in Singapore waters for 23 years (since 1993), starting with Laser class in Youth category (ex-Singapore national age group sailor). Keelboat Competent Crew certification since 2000. Sailed in 7 Straits Regattas and in 8 Western Circuit Regattas, on a variety of racing boats: J24, Sydney 40, X99, Beneteau Oceanis, Platu 25. Experience in the following positions and flexible in filling any: Piano, Mastman, Jib and Spin trimmer.

Name – Calvin Lim? ?Email –

Sailing Experience / Qualification -? Have C-Helm and MPA Power Boat Licence.? Looking to take RYA cruising related courses e.g. navigation, etc.? ?Other information -?25 years sailing experience – dinghies/catamaran.? Looking to switch to keelboats (and hopefully buy one at the right time!).? Looking to gain experience by crewing for weekend racing and especially cruising.? Have done nearby trips to Tioman & Nongsa.