1. Absent Membership
    Members leaving the country for more than a year may apply in writing to the Club for absentee membership, subject to payment of an absentee membership fee equal to one month subscription for the first year and an annual one month subscription payable in advance for every subsequent year the member is away. If the member misses two consecutive payments, the membership may be struck off.
  2. Membership Cards
    All members must, if required to do so, produce their membership cards at the entrance of the Club and the Club Manager or any person deputed by him or a Management Committee member, may ask to see any member’s card at any time. Failure to produce the card may result in the member being refused entry to, or having to leave the Club.
  3. Guests
    Members may introduce not more than six guests at any one time, unless prior agreement of the Club Manager has been obtained. A guest in this context includes the guest’s wife and children. The same guests who are residents in Singapore may not be introduced more than six times in a year. All guests must be introduced personally by the member who must enter their names in the Visitor’s Book on arrival. Visitors enter the Club premises at their own risk and the member is responsible for seeing that his visitors comply with the Club rules and bye-laws and for payment of any charges incurred by that visitor.

    The member shall be responsible for the conduct and dress code of all guests introduced by him.

    The member who has introduced a guest to the Club must not leave the premises (other than to go sailing) while the guest remains.

    Visitors not complying with the Club rules and bye-laws may be asked to leave the Club.

    A member introducing a guest will indemnify the Club and its individual members against any liability which may be incurred by the visitor.

    No person who has been expelled from the Club or whose membership has been terminated for failure to pay dues and all other charges may be introduced as guests without the prior approval of the Management Committee.

    The member undertakes not to allow any of his or her servants, agents, invitees or guests to cause any disturbance in or around the Club’s areas in such a way as to prevent or hinder other members’ use and enjoyment of the facilities.

  4. Children
    Parents and guardians have sole responsibility for their children and the Club cannot be expected to provide supervision and control.

    Children under the age of five may be introduced into the Club only when accompanied by an adult who will be responsible for their behaviour. Should the standard of behaviour not conform to the Club requirements, an official may ask for the child or children to be removed.

    Children under 18 must be accompanied in the Members’ Bar. Unaccompanied children may not purchase or consume soft drinks in the bar.

    Children under the age of eight are not allowed on the jetty, pontoon, and slipway unless accompanied by an adult member. In the repair bays and boat parking areas they must be under direct supervision of an adult member.

  5. Swimming / Diving
    Swimming is permitted in the swimming pool and the lagoon demarcated in front of the Clubhouse. Swimming/diving is prohibited from the Club’s pontoons and jetty.
  6. Fishing
    Fishing is prohibited within the Club’s grounds, pontoons and jetty during daylight hours.
  7. Motor Vehicles and Car Park
    The Car Park is for use only by members of the Club and their guests,members of staff, tenants, service workmen and patrons of the Club’s F&B establishments. The Car Park is not intended to facilitate members carrying on business.

    All motor vehicles, which members wish to park from time to time, must display a current “Car Label” which is available from the Office.

    Vehicles are to be parked in the designated parking areas and only taken into the Boat Park for the minimum time required for the movement of boats and other very heavy equipment. The Club Manager and Management
    Committee members may require cars parked in the Boat Park to be removed. Motor Vehicles are parked entirely at the owners’ risk.

  8. Portable Radio Sets and Instruments
    Radios, televisions, tape and record players and any other musical instruments or equipment that may give offence shall not be used in the Club or its grounds except with the sanction of the Club Manager and Management Committee members.
  9. Consumption of Food
    With the exception of baby food and special needs food, only food that has been purchased from the Club’s F&B establishments may be consumed within the area allocated to the F&B operator. Members may consume their own food and drinks in the other parts of the Club’s premises, where permitted.
  10. Gratuities
    No gratuities may be paid by members to the Club staff.
  11. Club Property
    No member shall take away from the Club premises any property of the Club unless prior permission has been obtained from the Club Manager.
  12. Power Boats
    No power boats other than those owned by the Club for service, rescue or race management purposes are allowed to be stored on the Club’s premises or its moorings save that the Management Committee may approve the storage of a limited number of power boats at the Club’s premises or on its moorings.
  13. Basic Sailing Certificate
    No member shall be entitled to be allocated land storage or mooring space for his boat unless he possesses a basic sailing certificate recognised by the Club.
  14. 14 Dumping
    No dumping is allowed on the Club’s grounds.
  15. Anti-Mosquito Precautions
    Members with boats at the Club must ensure that they are so parked orcovered that they do not collect rainwater where mosquitoes can breed.
  16. Liability for Property lost
    Neither the Club nor the Management Committee will be responsible for any property of members lost, stolen or damaged in the Club. Neither the Club nor the Management Committee will be responsible for any damage or loss to members’ boats, in the Dinghy Park or on the Club’s moorings.
  17. Pets
    Pets, with the exception of animals assisting disabled persons, are not allowed on the Club’s F&B establishments, swimming pool, the area surrounding the swimming pool, Heads and enclosed rooms. At all other locations within the Club, they should be kept on a short leash.
  18. Professional Crew
    Members who wish to engage professional crew to look after their boats must apply to the Club Manager with full particulars of the employee stating his wages and enclosing two passport photographs in order to obtain a pass issued by the Club. Such employees will not be allowed into the Club without a pass. The Management Committee may at its discretion refuse to issue a pass or may withdraw a pass at any time. Such employees are not allowed to use the Clubhouse facilities except the restaurant/bar and should be appropriately dressed at all times.
  19. Private Workmen Contractors
    Workmen or private contractors working on members’ boats must have a letter of authorisation from the member concerned before they are allowed on the premises.
  20. Reprimand / Complaints
    Complaints of any nature relating to the management of the Club’s premises should be addressed in writing to the Club Manager. Under no circumstances should a member reprimand a member of staff.
  21. Order of Good Conduct
    Members must not act in any way which might cause annoyance to other members or to persons in the vicinity of the Club. The use of foul/abusive language, aggression, etc will not be tolerated.

    Members must at all times obey the direction of the Club Manager and Management Committee members and if requested by any such persons to leave the Club premises, must do so immediately.

  22. Private Functions
    All areas of the Clubhouse designated to any member for use for private functions shall be for the exclusive use of that member and invited guests. No member shall intrude upon, join or enter into any such function except by express permission or invitation by the member.
  23. Responsibility for Safety
    The Club and employees of the Club accept no responsibility for the safety of persons sailing from the Club premises and it is for those using the Jetty, Pontoons and Slipways to ensure that they take every precaution for their own safety and the safety of their guests and that they are capable of coping with the prevailing weather and sea conditions.
  24. Jetty,Pontoons and Slipways
    The Jetty, Pontoons and Slipways are strictly for members’ use only, with the exception of visiting yachtsmen from other clubs visiting Changi Sailing Club. These yachtsmen must sign the Visitor’s Book immediately on arrival. All persons using the Jetty, Pontoons and Slipways do so at their own risk.

    The use of the Jetty, Pontoons and Slipways in connection with any commercial activity or anything associated with monetary gain are strictly prohibited unless prior permission has been obtained from the Management Committee.

    Tenders must only be moored along the landward side of the innermost pontoon. The seaward face should be left clear for larger crafts.

    Larger craft using the seaward face must limit their stay to approximately 30 minutes if it is required for use by other Club members and at no time must a large craft be left unattended.

    Members have authority to police the Jetty and Pontoons, see the Club Bye-Laws are strictly adhered to, and ask trespassers to leave the Jetty/Pontoons.

    Users of the Jetty, Pontoons and Slipways should do so with consideration to other members and visitors.

    Jetty, Slipways and access areas are not to be obstructed by boat spars, sails, launching trolleys or other equipment.

  25. Service Charge
    The Management Committee may at its discretion impose a service charge upon all Club members whose accounts are overdue. The value of the service charge will be determined by the Management Committee as it deems fit.
  26. Mooring
    Members requiring moorings must apply for allocation on the appropriate form in the Club Office. The Club Manager will, at his discretion, allocate moorings as and when available on a first-come, first-served basis.

    A member allocated a mooring is responsible for payment of the appropriate fees until he informs the Club Manager in writing that he no longer requires it.

    Only members who have been allocated moorings may bring in tenders marked with the names of the yachts to the designated tender parking/mooring area. Tenders are to be approved by the Club Manager.

  27. Dinghy Park
    The Dinghy Park is for the storage of masted sailing dinghies which are the property of the Club or members.

    An appropriate storage charge will be made for the use of the Dinghy Park. Charges will be levied at the discretion of the Management Committee.

    Spaces will be allocated in accordance with a first-come, first-served principle, but preference will be given to boats that are actively sailing from the Club. A space will be allocated and the boat should be kept neatly in the allocated space. Each owner will be responsible for the tidiness of the allocated space.

    The Club Manager has the right to reallocate boat bays on the grounds of inactivity or other good reason. The occupier has the right to appeal the decision to the Management Committee.

    Every boat must display a Dinghy Park sticker. These will be issued by the Club Office.

    Dinghies must be kept on the appropriate launching trolley. The trolley must not be left obstructing other users of the Club’s facilities.

    Motor boats and RIBs may not be stored in the Dinghy Park or Car Park. Separate locations may be found for them subject to space being available.

    No boat may be sailed without the permission of the owner.

    No boat gear including private launching trolley may be removed from any boat without the permission of the owner.

    The Management Committee reserves the right to require the removal of any dinghy kept in the Dinghy Park if storage fees are not paid promptly.

    In the case of a dinghy or trailer abandoned on Club premises, the object in question will be moved, if appropriate, to any other part of the premises without liability for any loss or damage howsoever caused or will be scrapped or sold.

    Damaged trolleys, damaged boat covers and other equipment are to be disposed of by the owner. The Club reserves the right to dispose of these after one month, if the owner after being informed persists in keeping them at the Club.

    The Club expects any dinghy and equipment left on its premises to be adequately insured and accepts no responsibility for any damage howsoever caused.

  28. Dress Code
    It is expected that members and guests will always be appropriately dressed. Bare feet, singlets, slippers, swimwear and untidy or damp clothing or footwear are not permitted at any time in the Members’ Bar and Seafix Restaurant.
  29. Insurance
    The member shall insure and keep the vessel and its equipment insured against any loss, damage, injury or death occasioned by the use of the facilities and or the use of the vessel and its equipment howsoever caused and shall keep the Club indemnified and saved harmless from any claim or demand whatsoever in respect thereto.
  30. Member’s Private Business
    No member shall carry on his profession, trade or business on the Club grounds or use the premises by advertisement or otherwise as a business address or use the same as a place for meeting applicants for employment other than as approved by the Management Committee.
  31. Safety
    Dinghy and catamaran sailors and canoeists must wear personal flotation devices, except briefly while changing or adjusting clothing or personal equipment, at all times when afloat. Wet suits and dry suits are not personal flotation devices.

    No member is permitted to use the rescue boats nor their engines or equipment without the permission of the Club Manager or his deputy except in an emergency.

    Any boat that is used on the water shall be in a SEAWORTHY condition and shall carry adequate personal buoyancy for each person on board at all times while on the water.

    The safety of the persons on board a boat is the sole responsibility of the person in charge of the boat and it should be made clear to all on board, before leaving the shore.

    No alcohol shall be consumed on the Club’s service, rescue or race management boats.

  32. Boat Ownership and Condition Members of the Club shall notify the Club Manager of any change in ownership status of boats. If they purchase a boat, they shall make known its class, name and sail number and from whom obtained. If they dispose of a boat or yacht they shall make known its class, name, sail number and to whom it was disposed.The member shall keep and maintain the boat, its equipment and docking lines in good and proper seaworthy order. It shall be the responsibility of the member to keep the vessel in such condition that it does not become unsightly or dilapidated or reflect unfavourably upon the reputation and appearance of the Club, its premises or facilities. The boat shall be kept free and clear of debris, bottles, papers, trash or other unsightly material at all times.

    Each owner, partner or proprietor of a boat granted a licence to occupy a hardstand or mooring at the Club shall be a member of the Club. Visitors may be granted casual berthing from time to time at the discretion of the Management Committee. Fees for casual berthing shall be at a daily rate as determined by the Management Committee.

  33. Damage to Club Property
    A member shall be responsible for the cost of repairing any damage to the Club premises or Club property caused by him or his guest.
  34. Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore
    No boat may be launched from the Club without it being in possession of a valid license from the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore.