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With our lease extended, we are pleased to announce that membership is open. We are offering 5 types of Membership to cater to individual, families and youth.

Ordinary Membership


Family Child Membership Conversion Scheme


  • Monthly subscription

    $64.80 (single) / $81.00 (married)

    Prices are inclusive of GST

  • Note
    • This is a one-time entry fee payment, and no further top-up is required.
    • Convert to Ordinary Membership
    • Available from the age of 21 to 28 years old (ends on 28th Birthday)
    • Club Rule 14 (ii) will apply.

Term Membership

$2,160 per annum

  • Monthly subscription

    $81.00 for Family / $64.20 for Single

    (Prices are inclusive of GST)

  • Note
    • If the Term Member decides to convert to ordinary-membership, at any time during his/her first three years as a Term Member, he/she may offset the ordinary member entry fee of $5,000.00 with the initial $2,000.00 which he/she had paid when he/she joined in the 1st year.
    • Should a Term Member decide to convert on the 4th and subsequent years, no offset to the ordinary member entry fee will be given.

Youth Membership

No Entrance Fee

  • Monthly subscription


    (Price is inclusive of GST)

  • Note
    • Open to youth between 16 to 25 years old (ends on 25th Birthday)
    • Payment of 6 months of subscription fees (Non-refundable) in advance.
    • No signing facility and bringing of guests
    • Subscription paid cannot be used to offset future membership fee
    • Available to all nationalities

Young Adult Membership

Singaporean / PR: $756
Non-Singaporean: $1,080

How to Register?

You can sign up at our reception office during office hours. If you need further information, call us at 6545 2876 or send us an enquiry.